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Replacement for Whirlpool EDR2RXD1 W10413645A

3pk EDR2RXD1, W10413645A, Filter 2 Refrigerator Water Filter with Air Filter by PurerDrop

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· Original Design - 100% Compatible Guaranteed!
· Easy replacement - No Tools Required
· Pure PP Rigid Shell - 0% CaCO3 (Safety Guaranteed)
· Environment Friendly - Replaces 1800 bottles of water

please note: Due to the lack of stock of this 3Pcs, we may send different outpackaging stock, we ensure  product filter effect is same.

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Perfect Compatible with:
46-9903, 46-9924, 9082, 9903,9924

W1023815A, W10413645, W10413645A, W10413645AT, W10609378 ,W10680605, W10744238

4396710; 4396710B; 4396710P; 4396710T; 4396711B; 4396841; 4396841B; 4396841P; 4396841T; 4396842B; 4396842
7MF2976AEM00, 7MF2976AEM01, 7MF2976AEM02, 7MF2976AEM03, 7WF736SDAM10, 7WF736SDAM11, 7WF736SDAM12, 7WF736SDAM13, 7WF736SDAM14, IX5BBEXDS00, IX5BBEXDS01, IX7DDEXDSM00, IX7DDEXDSM01, IX7DDEXDSM02, JBRFL24IGX00, JBRFL30IGX00, JBRFL36IGX00, JBRFR24IGX00, JBRFR30IGX00, JBRFR36IGX00, JBZFL18IGX00, JBZFL24IGX00, JBZFL30IGX00, JBZFR18IGX00, JBZFR24IGX00, JBZFR30IGX00, JFFCC72EFP00, JFFCC72EFP02, JFFCC72EFS00, JFFCC72EFS02, JFFCC72EHL01, JFX2897DRM00, JFX2897DRM01, JFX2897DRM02, JFX2897DRP00, JFX2897DRP01, JFX2897DRP02, KFFS20EYBL00, KFFS20EYBL01, KFFS20EYBL02, KFFS20EYBL04, KFFS20EYMS00, KFFS20EYMS01, KFFS20EYMS02,KFFS20EYMS04,KFFS20EYWH00,KFFS20EYWH01,KFFS20EYWH02, KFFS20EYWH04, KFIS29BBBL00, KFIS29BBBL01, KFIS29BBBL02, KFIS29BBBL03, KFIS29BBMS00, KFIS29BBMS01,KFIS29BBMS02, KFIS29BBMS03, KFIS29BBWH00, KFIS29BBWH01, KFIS29BBWH02, KFIS29BBWH03, KFIS29PBMS00, KFIS29PBMS01, KFIS29PBMS02, KFIS29PBMS03, KFIV29PCMS00, KFIV29PCMS01, KFIV29PCMS02, KFIV29PCMS03, KRFC604FSS00, KRFC604FSS01, KRFC704FBS00, KRFC704FBS01, KRFC704FPS00, KRFC704FPS01, KRFC704FSS00, KRFC704FSS01, KRFC804GBS00, KRFC804GPS00, KRFC804GSS00, KRFF300EBL00, KRFF300EBS00, KRFF300ESS00, KRFF300ESS01, KRFF300EWH00, KRFF300EWH01, KRFF507EBL00, KRFF507EBL01, KRFF507ESS00, KRFF507ESS01, KRFF507EWH00, KRFF507EWH01, KRFF507HBL00, KRFF507HBS00, KRFF507HPS00, KRFF507HWH00, KRFF707EBS00, KRFF707ESS00, KRFF707ESS01, KRMF606ESS00, KRMF606ESS01, KRMF706EBS00, KRMF706EBS01, KRMF706ESS00, KRMF706ESS01, KRMF706ESS02, MFB2055DRE00, MFB2055DRE01, MFB2055DRH00, MFB2055DRH01, MFB2055DRM00, MFB2055DRM01, MFB2055FRW00, MFB2055FRZ00, MFB2055YEB01, MFB2055YEB02, MFB2055YEM01, MFB2055YEM02, MFB2055YEW01, MFB2055YEW02, MFF2055DRE00, MFF2055DRE01, MFF2055DRH00, MFF2055DRH01, MFF2055DRM00, MFF2055DRM01, MFF2055FRB00, MFF2055FRW00, MFF2055FRZ00, MFT2574DEE00, MFT2574DEE01, MFT2574DEE02, MFT2574DEH00, MFT2574DEH01, MFT2574DEH02, MFT2574DEM00, MFT2574DEM01, MFT2574DEM02, MFT2672AEB10, MFT2672AEB11, MFT2672AEB12, MFT2672AEM10, MFT2672AEM11, MFT2672AEM12, MFT2672AEW10, MFT2672AEW11, MFT2672AEW12, MFT2673BEB10, MFT2673BEB11, MFT2673BEB12, MFT2673BEM10, MFT2673BEM11, MFT2673BEM12, MFT2673BEW10, MFT2673BEW11, MFT2673BEW12, MFT2772HEZ00, MFT2776DEE00, MFT2776DEE02, MFT2776DEH00, MFT2776DEH02, MFT2776DEM00, MFT2776DEM01, MFT2776DEM02, MFT2776FEZ00, MFT2776FEZ01, MFT2778EEZ00, MFT2778EEZ01, MFT2976AEB00, MFT2976AEB01, MFT2976AEB02, MFT2976AEB03, MFT2976AEM00, MFT2976AEM01, MFT2976AEM02, MFT2976AEM03, MFT2976AEW00, MFT2976AEW01, MFT2976AEW02, MFT2976AEW03, MFW2055DRE00, MFW2055DRE01, MFW2055DRH00, MFW2055DRH01, MFW2055DRM00, MFW2055DRM01, MFW2055FRH00, MFW2055FRZ00, MFW2055YEB00, MFW2055YEB01, MFW2055YEB02, MFW2055YEM00, MFW2055YEM01, MFW2055YEM02, MFW2055YEW00, MFW2055YEW01, MFW2055YEW02, MFX2676FRZ00, MFX2876DRE00, MFX2876DRE01, MFX2876DRE02, MFX2876DRH00, MFX2876DRH01, MFX2876DRH02, MFX2876DRM00, MFX2876DRM01, MFX2876DRM02

(Note: The filter is compatible with too many refrigerator models, We can't list all, if you are not sure if fits, please contact with our customer service.)

This refrigerator water filter can reduce 97% of the harmful contaminants in water.



  • LEAD


  • ZINC



Works exactly like the original filter and will not leak water.
Replace the water filter every 6 months or after filtering 200 gallons of water to keep the water tastes fresh and clean.
Factory Outlet, No distributors earn the difference, get the best refrigerator water filter products at the lowest price.
Pack 3
  • Q: Does it fit Whirlpool W10413645A?
    A: Yes, I used it for a long time, and everything was good
  • Q: What is the water filter?
    A: A water filter removes all the harmful bacteria and other things which may be in the water. It uses many methods such as filtration, sedimentation, chlorination, etc. Disinfectants are added to kill the infectious microbes.
  • Q: Why does the water filter leak water?
    A: PURERDROP water filters may leak because of incorrect installation, a filter that's too loose or tight, hot water damage, or an incompatible adapter. An ill-fitting O-ring, loose valve, incorrect pouring method, or damaged filter can also cause leaks.
  • Q: Why is the water filter so slow?
    A: A slow filter rate typically means there are water bubbles trapped in the filter. First, put the filter in a large jar filled with water and see if it floats. If it does, you've got air bubbles. Take out the filter and bang it against the sink.
  • Q: How do I use the Purerdrop coupon codes?
    A: You can redeem your Purerdrop coupon code while checking out in order to receive discounts on our already low-priced items! And you could contact our customer service to get the coupon code.
  • Q: Is this water filter fit the Kenmore refrigerator P6RFWB2?
    A: Yes, this filter can fit the Kenmore refrigerator well. If you are not sure about the model for the water filter, you could contact us online, and we will respond to you timely.
  • Q: What happens if I don't change the refrigerator water filter?
    A: 1. Slow discharge from the water fountain, not enough ice is made. 2. Potential Growth of Bacteria. 3. Filter will start letting contaminants flow through.
  • Q: What substances does the Purerdrop replacement water filter remove?
    A: It can filter out more than 24 harmful contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, waterborne parasites, lead, chlorine, asbestos, industrial chemicals.
  • Q: How long should I flush water after replacing this filter?
    A: NOTICE: Flush 4 gallons (15.142 liters) of water through the water filter cartridge before use.
Product Review

    Average rating :

4 based on 13 Customer Reviews
  • 5 stars
  • 4 stars
  • 3 stars
  • 2 stars
  • 1 stars
  • By Delbert Ashley

    2022-07-25 14:38:25
    Great filters great price Fast shipping
  • By Gillian

    2021-11-01 11:32:00
    Fits perfectly in my Whirlpool 4396710B
    The seller sent me a link to ensure that the filter would fit my fridge. After purging the water for six minutes, the taste of water is identical to other filters. It flows perfectly. It is very affordable and I would buy it again.
  • By Charlie S

    2021-10-16 11:32:00
    Excellent Replacement
    It works exactly as it says. It was easy to install. The water tasted great and refreshing. Replacement for kenmore P9WB2L
  • By Olive

    2021-09-20 11:32:00
    Slow reply
    I've sent them an e-mail many times, but they didn't responded to me. I was still wating.
  • By Bab

    2021-09-06 11:32:00
    Great product
    It is easy to install. Fast delivery. The water filter worked perfectly and the water was delicious. These filters should be changed every 6-8months to ensure the best tasting water. PurerDrop is always recommended. Fits edr3rxd1 well
  • By Lara

    2021-08-24 11:32:00
    Didn't receive the order confirmation.
    I didn't receive an order confirmation. However, I was able to contact their customer service and they confirmed that it was not their fault. Finally, I was able to get the product.
  • By Isabella

    2021-08-14 11:32:00
    I did not get the righ water filters
    I did not get the righ water filters. And no one helps me
  • By Hattie

    2021-08-06 11:32:00
    Meh. Make that double meh.
    They are expensive and won't last for long. About one month after the fridge tells you it is time to replace it, the water starts to taste strange. The instructions are too small and difficult to read. It is not clear on the packaging where it says how much water you should run through it after it has been replaced. It is simple to replace it. Overall, it is not a great value.
  • By Naylor

    2021-08-01 11:32:00
    Water filter fits perfectly
    I want sure if I was ordering the right water filter for my refrigerator so was hesitant. But when I get the filter and tried it. It was a surprise. This filter was perfect. Easy to install and good value. Fit Kenmore GSC25C6EYW
  • By Bert

    2021-07-26 22:30:00
    Good Reviews - Good Product
    It was exactly what I wanted. It was very easy to set up the fridge if it was in perfect condition. The fridge's water is clean and delicious. As soon as I have more filters, I will repurchase this product.
  • By Sam

    2021-07-20 21:00:00
    Five Stars for now
    Price is right. Ordering is easy. Delivering time reasonable. Communication from seller during the whole process was excellent. Five stars. Ordered these for reserve. When time to replace and it fits and works fine, Ten Stars.
  • By Jean

    2021-07-16 21:00:00
    Inexpensive and effective. A good replacement filter for whirlpool edr2rxd1
    This is my first time to use water filter. It is truly effective. The water tasted so good, it was reaally a surprise! I thought I have felt in love with it and it was with an affordable price,  it was a good deal!! REALLY RECOMMEND!
  • By Jo

    2021-07-16 21:00:00
    Great filter replacement for kenmore filter 2!
    This product was a perfect match to our refrigerator's filter. Easy to install, packaged well, and sent on time.