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Replacement for Kenmore 9020

3pk Purerdrop 9020 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement

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· Original Design - 100% Compatible Guaranteed!
· Easy replacement - No Tools Required
· Pure PP Rigid Shell - 0% CaCO3 (Safety Guaranteed)
· Environment Friendly - Replaces 1800 bottles of water

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PurerDrop PD004 is designed to replace 9020, EDR3RXD1, 4396841, everydrop ice & water refrigerator filter 3. This refrigerator filter is certified by NSF to meet Standard 42, reduce 97% of the harmful contaminants in water. Replace the filter every 6 months or after filtering 300 gallons of water to keep the water tastes fresh and clean. PD004 filter is guaranteed to compatible with Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, and Amana refrigerators.



Used In Brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana

Model: PD004

Product Size: 13.4 x 2.6

Filter Life: 6 months or 300 gallons

Flow Rate: 0.66 gpm

Operating Pressure: 30-120 psi

Operating Temperature: 33-100 °F

Pack Size: 3


How to replace 9020 filter?

1. Locate Filter at bottom grille and Press the button to the left of the filter to release it.
2. Pull the filter straight out (the water will shut off automatically).
3. Remove the reusable color-keyed cap from the end.
4. Discard the old filter.
5. Twist the cap onto the end of the new filter.
6. Push the new filter straight in until it 'Clicks' into place.
7. Note: To install filter push until you hear the receiver click into place. Improper installation may cause leaks, damage to flooring and appliances.
8. Flush 1 - 2 Gallons of Water to Purge Out Air From System.
9. That's how easy it is to replace the EDR3RXD1 water filter.
10. Reset your 'change filter' light (if your fridge has one).

Pack 3
  • Q: looking for filter for whirlpool 4396710 will this work?
    A: These water filters work just great. It was a good repalcement for 4396710. We haven't had any problem during the time we've been using them.
  • Q: What happens if I don't change the refrigerator water filter?
    A: 1. Slow discharge from the water fountain, not enough ice is made. 2. Potential Growth of Bacteria. 3. Filter will start letting contaminants flow through.
  • Q: Is this water filter compatible with the Kenmore 9083?
    A: Yes, this Purerdrop water filter is the replacement for Kenmore 9083, and it could be fit perfectly. If you have other issues with the model, you could feel free to contact us.
  • Q: Does these filters get the NSF certification?
    A: Purerdrop is tested and certified by NSF International in meeting strict standards for public health protection, quality assurance for consumers.
  • Q: Is filtered water as good as bottled water?
    A: Filtered water is water that has been passed through a thorough filtration process provided by a water filter. Purerdrop water filter could filter out 97% of the harmful contaminants in water.
  • Q: What substances does the Purerdrop replacement water filter remove?
    A: It can filter out more than 24 harmful contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, waterborne parasites, lead, chlorine, asbestos, industrial chemicals.
  • Q: Does the water filter fit refrigerator Pur W10193691T?
    A: Yes, it does a great job on Pur W10193691T. You could rest assured to try it. If there are any issues with the product, you could contact us freely.
  • Q: Is it the replacement for fridge Kitchenaid KBBR306EPA00?
    A: Yes, it is. This Purerdrop water filter is the replacement for the Kitchenaid KBBR306EPA00 water filter.
  • Q: Are refrigerator water filters necessary?
    A: We recommend that you use a water filter, it can filter 97% of impurities, so that you can drink healthy water. Using a water filter can not only reduce the use of bottled water but also reduce environmental pollution problems and save your money.
Product Review

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3 based on 13 Customer Reviews
  • 5 stars
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  • 3 stars
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  • By Marilyn

    2021-11-05 01:15:00
    a lower-cost replacement
    They did a better job.
  • By Lambert

    2021-10-15 01:15:00
    Works very well
    working well so far. The first one was good for 6 months, and I replace it. Still no problems.
  • By Garrett

    2021-10-11 11:11:00
    wrong address
    They shipped my order to the wrong address.
  • By Ferris

    2021-09-26 20:13:00
    So easy to install, so important for drinking water
    It takes only a minute to set up the filter and a few minutes for the water to pass through it to ensure there are no leftover filter particles from manufacturing. When the icemaker is being used, turn it off and then switch it on again when you are done. It is amazing how much the taste of coffee, tea, and water (and ice!) can vary!
  • By Fanny

    2021-09-15 01:15:00
    bought the wrong size
    bought the wrong size, waited to late to exchange it
  • By Everett

    2021-08-26 01:15:00
    Great value for the money
    These work great for my fridge and were SO much less expensive than the manufacturer-recommended brand. Simply insert it in the refrigerator's filter compartment, and you are good to go. The water is much more flavorful and faster than the old filter. These filters are amazing! I am so glad that I tried them.
  • By Faith

    2021-08-18 01:15:00
    Late reply
    My product has been in the warehouse for a long time. I don't know why they didn't send me my water filter. I emailed the customer service, but received a reply very late. I think they need to improve work efficiency
  • By Norwood

    2021-08-08 20:13:00
    filter fine but water slow
    It has terrible water pressure. It takes so long to fill an 8 ounce cup. This can even cause problems when making ice. The tray doesn't get full enough, so the ice remains thin and incomplete. It is very fustrating.
  • By Kathie

    2021-08-02 20:13:00
    we all liked purerdrop water filter
    Excellent product. A good filter is essential for us water drinkers. This product does exactly that. and they are competible with the kenmore 46-9083
  • By Irvin

    2021-07-26 11:11:00
    As advertised
    Looks like the original and seems to work and easy to install. I can’t rate flavor as I don’t drink the frig water often, but it tastes fine to me. Maybe I'll try it again on Purerdrop.
  • By Kit

    2021-07-23 20:13:00
    Do a great job
    I love purerdrop. The water tasted so good now. The look for product looks good. Customer service is awesome!! Quick response & always willing & wanting to help you. Give purerdrop company an A+++
  • By Adonis

    2021-07-20 21:10:00
    Excellent product and first class service…
    I have enjoyed long times of clean great tasting water. Good design, easy to install and replace filters. Also, this filter is compatible with my whirlpool 4396710 perfectly. Really helpful support from the team at every stage. Highly recommend. I'll purchase it from PureDrop again when I've used all of my stock.
  • By Errol

    2021-07-16 21:00:00
    Used for my frig Whirlpool 4396841
    Second times to purchase, work as expected!