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Replacement for Whirlpool T2RFWG2

3pk Purerdrop T2RFWG2 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement

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· Original Design - 100% Compatible Guaranteed!
· Easy replacement - No Tools Required
· Pure PP Rigid Shell - 0% CaCO3 (Safety Guaranteed)
· Environment Friendly - Replaces 1800 bottles of water

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Perfect Compatible with:
46-9020; 46-9020P; 46-9030; 46-9030P; 4609020000; 4609030000; 469020; 469020P; 439030; 469030P, 9083, 469083, 46-9083 RFC3800A, T2RFWG2,T1RFKB1,T1RFWB1,T1KB1

W10121145; W10121146; W10177635; W10186667; W10193691; W10193691T

4396710; 4396710B; 4396710P; 4396710T; 4396711B; 4396841; 4396841B; 4396841P; 4396841T; 4396842B; 4396842



ASD2520WRB00, ASD2522WRB, ASD2522WRD01, ASD2522WRS02, ASD2522WRW03, ASD2524VES02


(Note: The filter is compatible with too many refrigerator models, We can't list all, if you are not sure if fits, please contact with our customer service.)

This refrigerator water filter can reduce 97% of the harmful contaminants in water.



  • LEAD


  • ZINC



Works exactly like the original filter and will not leak water.
Replace the water filter every 6 months or after filtering 300 gallons of water to keep the water tastes fresh and clean.
Factory Outlet, No distributors earn the difference, get the best refrigerator filter products at the lowest price.
Pack 3
  • Q: How often do need to change the filter? Every 6 month like whirlpool brand?
    A: Seller said 3-6 months. I change my filter each 6 months.
  • Q: Does these filters get the NSF certification?
    A: Purerdrop is tested and certified by NSF International in meeting strict standards for public health protection, quality assurance for consumers.
  • Q: Is it the replacement for fridge Kitchenaid KBBR306EPA00?
    A: Yes, it is. This Purerdrop water filter is the replacement for Kitchenaid KBBR306EPA00 water filter.
  • Q: Is the water filter suitable for Kenmore 4609030000?
    A: Yes, it could be suitable for the Kenmore 4609030000 refrigerator.
  • Q: Are refrigerator water filters necessary?
    A: We recommend that you use a water filter, it can filter 97% of impurities, so that you can drink healthy water. Using a water filter can not only reduce the use of bottled water but also reduce environmental pollution problems and save your money.
  • Q: Is filtered water as good as bottled water?
    A: Filtered water is water that has been passed through a thorough filtration process provided by a water filter. Purerdrop water filter could filter out 97% of the harmful contaminants in water.
  • Q: What substances does the Purerdrop replacement water filter remove?
    A: It can filter out more than 24 harmful contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, waterborne parasites, lead, chlorine, asbestos, industrial chemicals.
  • Q: Does the water filter fit refrigerator Pur W10193691T?
    A: Yes, it does a great job on Pur W10193691T. You could rest assured to try it. If there are any issues with the product, you could contact us freely.
  • Q: Are charcoal water filters safe?
    A: Activated charcoal works by a process called adsorption. The surface area of activated charcoal increases by pores, up to 2000 square meters per gram, which improves its adsorption effect.
Product Review

    Average rating :

4 based on 13 Customer Reviews
  • 5 stars
  • 4 stars
  • 3 stars
  • 2 stars
  • 1 stars
  • By Dustin

    2021-10-30 01:15:00
    It is easy to install
    My water tastes great. It has no aftertaste and lasts just the right time for the price
  • By Lamont

    2021-10-18 11:11:00
    Easy Install and Great Taste
    It arrived exactly as it was described. I followed the instructions and ran 6 gallons of water through it. I did the same before drinking. After flushing and installation, the water tasted incredible.
  • By Gary

    2021-10-06 20:13:00
    Not bad
    Not bad, work good in my refrigerator.
  • By Magee

    2021-09-25 11:11:00
    Perfect fit!
    This was purchased to replace the filter in my Whirlpool frig. The original model #4396841 was replaced by this model #EDR3RXD1. Since I had looked at several models before I made my decision, I wanted to make sure that the information was accurate. It was easy to put together and only took about a minute. For sure, I will be buying my next one from purerdrop.
  • By Fidelia

    2021-09-10 20:13:00
    Not sure why but our water flow rate is HALF of what it is with other filters
  • By Errol

    2021-08-25 20:13:00
    Definately would buy again
    Have bought many times. And great as usual. When I run out of this three packs, will buy it again,
  • By Hyacinth

    2021-08-16 20:13:00
    Long delivery time
    Due to the epidemic, the delivery time may be longer than before,but I really waited for a long time to get my water filter
  • By Luis

    2021-08-09 11:11:00
    Purifies water but taste is not so good
    I like the peace of mind that the water is purified, but the taste is not so good. I have reverse osmosis filter in kitchen tap, that tastes far better than this, so we just use this filter for the ice in our fridge.
  • By Leah

    2021-08-02 11:11:00
    Works great. whirlpool 4396842
    They arrived quickly and had detailed instructions for how to install them. The flow rate was good and the particles didn't get too big in the first few gallons. It fit snugly in my fridge and there were no leaks. What a difference over brand-name ones!
  • By Sabina

    2021-07-26 10:45:00
    Purerdrop water filter
    Original equipment filters are outrageously expensive. I received three filters for less cost from this supplier. It installs the same as the whirlpool filter. The filer replacement light was quickly reset and everything is working well.
  • By Nahum

    2021-07-25 11:32:00
    Really loved purerdrop! Their customer service is great, all their products are high quality, and the drops are delicious and definitely helping me drink more water. Also, replace filter 3 well.
  • By Chester

    2021-07-15 22:10:00
    Arrived a bit late but no problem…
    I purchased it with a discount, it was very cheap to get 3pcs totally. I'm using it now, and the water taste so great. Also fit my whirlpool frig, great replacement for 4396710. I was very pleased with this shopping. But only a down thing that the delivery was a little slow, maybe influenced by COVID-19.
  • By Homer

    2021-07-10 21:00:00
    Amazing product
    Water tastes like fresh water. Got it on sales, it was very cheap to get 3 pcs in total.