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  • By Clarence R Jackson

    2022-12-27 06:11:27
    Refrigerator filters work perfect!
    My order took awhile. I thought my order had got lost. They finally came and it was worth the wait. I removed my old filter and installed the new Purerdrop Filter. Perfect fit and works just fine. You can't go wrong dealing with Purerdrop. You can save money too. Thank you
  • By Joanne Kichline

    2022-12-23 09:02:17
    PurerDrop refrigerator water filter
    Exactly as ordered and arrived, well-packaged, and on time.6520
  • By Josephine Moran

    2022-12-13 02:30:21
    excellent buy
    This is the second time I've ordered from Puredrop and I am very satisfied. The price is more below the price through my refrigerator Maker. I will continue ordering from Puredrop.
  • By John Innocenzi

    2022-11-12 01:38:26
    Happy Buyer
    Earlier this year we purchased a new refrigerator and it requires a filter. Upon nearing the 6 month I started looking at replacing and found purerdrop. Ive been using their filter for a few months and can attest to the quality. Considering the cost of the OEM filters purerdrop is a tremendous value. Give them a try and save your money! John Erie, Pa
  • By Steve Lay

    2022-11-09 00:23:52
    Great people, great product and great pricing.
    I had a very bad experience with another vendor relative to product quality. Purer product works great, water taste is perfect and their follow-up is far and away better than anybody. I highly recommend them and their product.
  • By Dina Iakimchuk

    2022-11-04 02:23:43
    Happy with my purchase
    Works well on my kitchen aid refrigerator
  • By Fred Lessans

    2022-10-19 00:36:01
    Works Gret
    I replaced my water filter with Puredrop and I am very pleased. Easy to install and gives great filtered water.
  • By Philip White

    2022-09-20 23:49:16
    Refrigerator Water Filter
    Received the four pack of filters promptly. Really appreciated the price, four filters for the price of one on most all sites. Thank you.
  • By Carole Salvato

    2022-09-05 10:39:18
    Great Value!
    The value of these filters can't be beat. Prompt delivery and a fraction of the cost from the retailer.
  • By Walter Boen

    2022-09-04 13:23:03
    3 filters for a great price
    I paid less than I pay at the store for 1 so I was so glad to find this great deal.
  • By Juan Tobon

    2022-08-30 01:22:40
    Works like a charm
    Fast delivery, works perfectly. Will be ordering again.
  • By Charles Deloach

    2022-08-22 22:03:53
    great value
    Water filters have been pricey for a while. The upside is that they usually last around six months. When I found this four pack for around the same cost as what I'd have to pay for one at a certain store, I had to try them. Have to say, they are exactly what I was hoping they where. Had bought off brand ones before and at first the water tasted a little funny. Scary right. Had it tested and all was good but still. Not the case here. Water tastes great and I couldn't be happier unless they were free. Glad I found this site.
  • By Dennis Shoun

    2022-08-20 03:14:44
    useable filters
    so far all is well with the filters .... IF the prices stay low Ill buy again......Its up to you.
  • By jeff ellias

    2022-08-06 20:16:36
    works better than manufacturer
    took some time to get, but well worth it at a fraction of the oem price! works better than original, great communication from supplier, will buy again!
  • By June Bolton

    2022-07-25 13:32:28
    Good Job
    I received earlier than they said. Haven't used them yet I was just getting prepared. Will let you know. Looks just like the one that came with the refrigerator.
  • By Darrell Waddle

    2022-07-23 23:15:19
    My water is supplied by my city is tasting like chlorine as the filter starts to go out and after changing it the taste changes dramatically i do wish something could be done with the calcium, we have the worst hard water but thank you for an affordable filter that makes it taste better.
  • By Gilbert6250 J Dysarczyk

    2022-07-14 23:19:22
    Arrived as promised works fine
    Arrived as promised works fine
  • By David P

    2022-07-03 23:54:11
    Pleased So Far
    We've only been using it a few weeks. Every bit as good as the name brand (so far) at a fraction of the cost! I would definitely recommend this filter.
  • By Ronald Fruits

    2022-07-03 20:20:04
    Filters received are exactly what I needed.
    I received my filters in a timely manner & after installing a new filter, everything is working perfectly. Thank you!!
  • By Bryce Ehlert

    2022-05-20 07:52:00
    Excellent product
    Easy to do business with
  • By Josephine Moran

    2022-05-03 09:55:46
    excellent buy
    I ordered these water filters because they were the best price I could find. i ordered from another company and they were more expensive and didn't fit. These are perfect and the delivery time was very quick. I would definitely order again and would recommend them.
  • By Tae Chung

    2022-04-27 17:39:49
    Excellent replacement filter for KItchenAid EDR1RXD1.
    Pure Drop shipped the product a day after receiving my order. The current chaotic USPS held it for over 20 days in transit. Pure Drop offered to resend it. But it finally arrived. The filter fit the filter housing perfectly.
  • By Barbi Martin

    2022-04-26 15:03:30
    6Pk EDR1RXD1, W10295370A, Filter 1 Refrigerator Water Filter by PurerDrop
    So far everything is fine. I'm getting ready to order some for my parents refrigerator.
  • By Tanya Wires

    2022-04-25 19:04:02
    Great product
    This product is half the price of what we usually pay for these filters. It was such a great deal that I was skeptical at first but tried it anyways. So glad I did because they work great and shipping was fast. Now instead of buying 1 filter at a time, we can get a pack of them and at a fantastic price. Highly recommend.
  • By Jeffrey Broski

    2022-04-25 03:27:31
    Great filter
    Great filter replacements for a great price!
  • By Walter L Cage

    2022-04-19 03:40:08
    Just what i needed and at a great saving.
    In my area here in upstate New York everything is costly,but what it would have cost me for one at Whirlpool i was able to buy six through PurerDrop' That's what i call a no brainer
  • By Aaron

    2021-10-30 01:15:00
    Works as expected
    Fits my Kenmore 9930 Refrigerator, no issues with product.
  • By Calvin

    2021-10-15 01:15:00
    Very timely delivery, replace filter1 perfectly.
    Very timely delivery. Filters look great. The filter was very easy to install, and fit my whirlpool refigerator well.
  • By Nance

    2021-10-07 01:15:00
    I ordered it, but I didn't receive the product. Finally, after contacting the company twice, they finally reshipped them stating that the first shipment had been lost. Very poor service.
  • By Abner

    2021-09-26 20:13:00
    so far great
    Very good price compared to the other mfg filters! If it last 6 months like it says I will definitely be buying more. BTW, no leaks yet
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