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  • By Judy Fleming

    2022-07-24 12:07:44
    They work as expected. Thanks for the product it was reasonably priced.
  • By Maria Kane

    2022-04-19 06:38:33
    PurerDrop filter
    The product came in a short time. 3 filters for a great price. I bought the filters especially for my Keurig coffee pot and my electric kettle. We have hard water and although we have a whole house filter, we still could use extra refrigerator filter. Water looks very clean. I will order more when I run out. For now I am all set for a while.
  • By Clark

    2021-10-30 01:15:00
    Taste of the water is better
    Good product. Excellent customer service
  • By Dick

    2021-10-16 11:32:00
    Fit kenmore GSC25C4EYB perfectly
    Fast shipping and nice service. Looking forward to my next filter. Perfectly fit whirlpool frig.
  • By Tabitha

    2021-10-12 11:32:00
    wrong filter
    wrong filter how do I return it and get the right filter?
  • By Carroll

    2021-09-20 11:32:00
    Easy to install
    Works great. Water tastes great. And it's easy to install.
  • By Damaris

    2021-09-10 20:13:00
    Took the money but no product. Emails to them remain unanswered
    Took the money but no product. Emails to them remain unanswered
  • By Sage

    2021-08-25 20:13:00
    Pretty good in replacing kenmore 9081 refrigerator water filter
    The filters were great, I paid less than anywhere else and got three. The tracking number was not working, but shipping info was immediately sent. This is when I discovered all the bad reviews. Then, a day later, my filters arrived. It took less than a week. Excellent service!
  • By Dahlia

    2021-08-14 11:32:00
    missing 1 water filter
    I bought 3 packs, but only received 2. I was unable to find my last filter. Contact their customer service but they didn't respond.
  • By Eaton

    2021-08-08 11:11:00
    Good price for a generic brand.
    It works exactly like the OEM, except that the water flow is slower than the OEM. All is well, but the water taste seems slightly different.
  • By Farrell

    2021-08-01 11:32:00
    Very tasty water & easy to install & competible with whirlpool W10295370A
    Very tasty water & easy to install & competible with whirlpool W10295370A. A water dispenser is a must for our family who drinks a lot. These filters are great for providing clean, clear water. Although we used to have a separate pitcher for filtering, these filters were very expensive and needed to be replaced frequently. These filters are more durable than other brands and much less expensive.
  • By Abner

    2021-07-28 10:45:00
    I just got it last night and I’m so happy it was the correct water filter for my fridge. I tried ordering three different types that said it fit my Fridge and they didn’t have it. The water pressure is so much better than old one. Water taste fine
  • By Anita

    2021-07-23 20:13:00
    Excellent Replacement Filters for kenmore frig
    I’ve been using these filters for my refrigerator for several months now. I change them every 6 months. Taste great. Great value. Highly recommend.
  • By Winston

    2021-07-15 22:30:00
    Fell in love with PURERDROP
    I bought puredrop filters for the first time, but I felt that I was deeply fall in love with it . The product packaging and the quality of the filter are very good. The installation is very convenient and the shipping speed is very fast. If you have any questions about the product, contact their customer service and they will answer you in time. If everything goes well, I will buy puredrop filter again.
  • By Wilfred

    2021-07-15 22:10:00
    whrilpool everydrop filter 1
    Great products, love most of the tastes and it has motivated us a lot to drink more water and have a environmental friendly solution instead of buying endless boxes and bottles of drinks. Get 3 pcs with the reasonable price.
  • By Sophia

    2021-07-10 21:00:00
    Will order again!
    Does a great job! And will order again. Fit Everydrop filter 2 well.