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  • By Diane Dorsett

    2022-07-23 08:39:47
    Response to Order
    My order was received within a few days. The price was quite reasonable. I will definitely re-order.
  • By Dean

    2021-11-01 11:32:00
    Great product
    It fits well with my refrigerator. The water tastes good.
  • By Alma

    2021-10-18 11:11:00
    Greatly recommend!!!
    Excellent quality, great shipping speed, and excellent service. Replacement for kenmore GSF26C5EXW
  • By Tania

    2021-10-07 01:15:00
    Wrong shipment.
    I ordered three-pack, but only one filter was sent. Everything else was fine - fit and quality, timely shipping, etc. I have contacted customer support via their online contact page. We will see how their customer service is.
  • By Corley

    2021-09-25 11:11:00
    A good item
    So far, I have replaced the one that I just bought. Let's see how long this lasts, then I will review it again.
  • By Darleen

    2021-09-06 11:32:00
    Bad experience.
    It was a product that I had been looking for for quite some time. It has not arrived. I reached out to Fedex staff to clarify the situation. Fedex staff suggested that I contact the seller. I'm very tired and don’t know what to do.
  • By Sallie

    2021-08-24 11:32:00
    The best water filter to replace the kenmore 106.51173.310.
    Before purchasing, I have checked their reviews on trustpilot, the review showed the water filter was so poor. Then I felt nervous, I was not sure to place the order, but it was recommended by my sister, so I decided to have a try at last. After I installed the water filter, I tasted the water, and felt the flavour was so good! Didn't let me down!!!!
  • By Loren

    2021-08-15 11:11:00
    Everything went well
    Everything is fine, their customer service can help me answer my doubts, but the response speed is a bit slow, I waited a day to receive a reply. Hope they can speed up, everything else is fine
  • By Edward

    2021-08-09 01:15:00
    Works okay. Not great, but not horrid.
    They seem to be less durable than some other brands that we have tried in the past. They began to emit a chlorine smell very quickly.
  • By Eleanor

    2021-08-02 11:11:00
    Great easy to install filters. my frig is kenmore 9082
    These filters are fantastic. These filters taste great in water, are simple to install and much cheaper than other filters. Their customer service vas very nice and patient as well. When I need to change my water filter again, I will come back to Purerdrop.
  • By Quinton

    2021-07-25 11:32:00
    Good value and effective filtering. for kenmore WRS325FDAM04
    The water came out of the frig with a trickle after the addition of another filter. The new filter allowed for a steady flow of water and created a lot of ice cubes. It was a big change, and it is a great value. We are grateful! It is easy to change filters. To load a new filter for three months, twist, pull down, and the reverse. Stickers are included to identify when the next filter should be changed. It works just as well and is much less expensive than the name brand. I will be purchasing again.
  • By Ethel

    2021-07-20 11:32:00
    Works Perfectly, and Fits Whirlpool GSF26C5EXY
    The 3 pack of this purerdrop water filters arrived for 3 months. And I ordered the replacement and installed it today. Everything went smoothly. The water did not have any strange odors. After using out the third water filter, I will be purchasing a 3 pack of purerdrop filters again.
  • By April

    2021-07-20 11:11:00
    Valuable to get 3 pcs totally.
    I have purchased a lot of filters on puredrop website, and they are compatible with my refrigerator as always, and still pleased with the price. It is more reasonable than other websites. Cheap price but high qualiity. There are 3pcs in total. I think I will continue to buy from them. If you don't know where to buy the filter, you can try puredrop, and you won't be disappointed. kenmore 106.51173.310 replacement
  • By Louis

    2021-07-20 11:10:00
    Great customer service
    I am absolutely in love with the products and the customer Service I have recieved from Puredrop. And I will keep recommending your brand. The shipping is fast and the packaging is very ecological. Only Thing that could be better is the packaging of the filter itself. These could be a Little bit more ecological
  • By Ursula

    2021-07-16 21:00:00
    Perfect Compatible with Whirlpool W10295370
    Perfect Compatible with Whirlpool W10295370, will purchase again.