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Average Rating: 4 based on 14 Customer Reviews
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  • By Frank

    2021-10-30 01:15:00
    This is the exact filter I need for our frig. I got it quickly!!!
  • By Patrick

    2021-10-16 11:32:00
    Great replacement
    This is a great replacement water filter for the Whirlpool Refrigerator. These filters have been a great replacement for my whirlpool refrigerator water filter.
  • By Thalia

    2021-10-10 01:15:00
    Slow shipping, not answering emails to order. I still have not received my order.
    Slow shipping, not answering emails to order. I still have not received my order.
  • By Jasper

    2021-09-20 11:32:00
    Good value for the price
    Arrived quickly. Much cheaper to buy 3 packs. Thanks!
  • By Faye

    2021-09-12 20:13:00
    3 stars
    They have amazing products and you can shop online. They have high-quality products for very reasonable prices. I received the wrong water filter. I tried to reach their customer service, but they didn't respond.
  • By Lynne

    2021-08-26 20:13:00
    Highly recommend
    It has been four months since I last wrote a review, and I have to say that the purerdrop filter works great. I haven’t had any issues (knock on timber). I have saved money by not purchasing water at the store for my family. It tastes great. It is a great product and I highly recommend it.
  • By Hester

    2021-08-14 11:32:00
    Good service but slow shipping
    Excellent customer service, but slow shipping. I waited for my water filters every day.
  • By Garth

    2021-08-08 11:11:00
    Didn’t fit
    It didn’t fit my whirlpool refrigerator sad I need a slimmer one I guess
  • By Ophelia

    2021-08-01 11:32:00
    Excellent filtration
    This the first time I used this brand of filter and am very happy with the quality of the product and taste after going through this filter. 100% better taste from the tap water that enters this filter. It is added to my list to buy again when I need more. They are competible with my refrigerator Kenmore 04609930000 and 9081
  • By Quintin

    2021-07-28 01:15:00
    Great Value for the Price - Works Excellent
    This works perfectly; makes the water clear and run much faster than normal. And, it is a great price for the three filters. I will most definitely purchase from here again! replacement for Maytag MSF21D4MDM
  • By Yobhel

    2021-07-24 10:45:00
    Nice product.
    It works! We drink more water! Fast delivery, good communication, great rewards. I have already been able to convince some family members from purerdrop. All tastes are very good. We will definitely order again. can competitable with my whirlpool refrigerator GSS26C5XXB
  • By Ivy

    2021-07-20 20:13:00
    Very cheap filter, but it can filter out CHLORINE; ALUMINUM; LEAD; MERCURY effectively. To be honest, I don't like to drink water, but since we installed a filter in our house, I have been drinking a lot of water every day, and my mom also likes this filter very much. She said she would recommend puredrop to her friends.
  • By Beata

    2021-07-19 22:10:00
    Just love
    If you want to drink fresh water, Dont's miss PureDrop!!!!
  • By Winnie

    2021-07-15 21:00:00
    Perfect replacement
    perfect repalcement for w10295370a