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  • By Alban

    2021-08-06 11:32:00
    Bad batch?
    I bought this 3-pack filter once and it worked perfectly. The same 3-pack filter was purchased 6 months later. They clogged my fridge and prevented water flow. Perhaps I bought a bad batch. The product is expensive, but it has to work in order to be worth the money. The seller seemed to really care and was quick to offer a refund.
  • By Janet

    2021-08-01 11:32:00
    competitable with whirlpool Whirlpool P4RFKB12
    Purerdrop makes water healthy. the water now taste great and tasty. I drink a lot more than before and feel much better. Service is always good! The shipping speed is quick as well.
  • By Winifred

    2021-07-28 11:11:00
    Great refrigerator filter replacement KFFS20EYMS02
    The product was great, I loved it. It was also perfect for what I needed.
  • By Q

    2021-07-23 20:13:00
    Fantastic Value for Filter and suitable for kenmore 04609930000
    So far so good. It has been in place for approximately two weeks. Before you can drink water, it will need to be flushed thoroughly. Black sediment will form in the carbon filter's first few cups. This is normal. Just keep flushing. The 3 pack is a great deal.
  • By Nicole

    2021-07-20 22:10:00
    Easy replacement to Whirlpool filter1
    Water tasted better instantly!!!!! The description made selecting the correct filer for my refrigerator easy. The installation was very easy.
  • By Ava

    2021-07-16 21:00:00
    Tastes great
    Fit my fridge and works-thats all I can ask. A lot cheaper than original brand model and does the same job.