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Average Rating: 3 based on 13 Customer Reviews
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  • By Beata

    2021-11-02 11:11:00
    Will purchase on PurerDrop again
    I've replaced it before and it works great
  • By Hayley

    2021-10-18 11:11:00
    Replacemet refrigerator water filter
    Great packaging. Excellent price. It is very simple to install. Wonderful product.
  • By Pearl

    2021-10-11 11:11:00
    Great price, wrong size.
    Maybe I place the wrong water filter...
  • By Baker

    2021-09-25 11:11:00
    Fit perfectly, no more smelly water, flow increased.
    Fit perfectly, no more smelly water, flow increased.
  • By Neville

    2021-09-12 11:11:00
    Buy multiple times
    This product is great. It was easy to install and I've purchased it twice. I would recommend this product and will purchase it again. Get plenty of water right now. My mon also likes water
  • By Griselda

    2021-08-26 11:11:00
    Fit perfectly, no more smelly water, flow increased.
    Fit perfectly into our Whirlpool. You have to keep the cap that is on your old filter so don't toss it, you move it over to the new one when you install it. I now have a Thermos water container that I keep every day and at my bedside for water.
  • By Rudy

    2021-08-15 11:11:00
    The deliveryt time was so long.
    I kept waiting for my filters, I have run out of all my filters, so I need to get the filter quickly, but I wait for a long time and haven't got it yet.
  • By Cara

    2021-08-09 11:11:00
    Okay. The purerdrop is delicious. It took me a month for my order to arrive. Although I understand that there were delays in delivery due to the pandemic I find this excessive. Despite enjoying the product I am not sure I would buy it again because of the frustrations with delivery.
  • By Sampson

    2021-08-02 11:11:00
    the best replacement for kitchenaid kbfn506ess00
    I love Purerdrop! purerdrop is with a great customer service. The drops are delicious and help me to drink more water. It make my boring water no boring any more. Take a try, if you want to replace your kbfn506ess00 water filter. I will change my water filter 6 months later and try on purerdrop again.
  • By Hunter

    2021-07-26 11:11:00
    Fast delivery, easy install.
    This product does what it was designed to do. It makes the water clean and clear. It lasts longer than my old filter, but it costs less. Still it does a good job. my refrigerator model is Kitchenaid KBBL206EPA00
  • By Denise

    2021-07-15 23:46:00
    Nice filter, everything is good. Easy to install, fast delivery, good service. Highly recommend puredrop. good replacemnt for filter3
  • By Anne

    2021-07-15 22:10:00
    Perfect customer service and fit EDR3RXD1 well.
    Brilliant concept. I had an issue with the postal system and my postcode being incorrect. Customer service rectified this within 24hrs of my email. A new tray should be arriving tomorrow. I’m confident from their reviews that I could leave this review without trying the product . Highly recommended.
  • By Willa

    2021-07-10 21:00:00
    Fit Whielpool EDR3RXD1 well
    A great price for 3 filters. They fit perfectly-no problems so far. Value for price