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Average Rating: 4 based on 15 Customer Reviews
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  • By Thomas Lutz

    2022-11-02 00:47:09
    Works fine, good product
    Good product
  • By alan lefebvre

    2022-09-24 00:31:25
    would buy again
    Good price, shipped quickly, installed easily and working well
  • By Cheryl

    2021-10-30 01:15:00
    Just as described
    It is quick and easy to install. We will test it for 6 months. This product is very good right now.
  • By Vance

    2021-10-15 01:15:00
    Great taste and value
    These filters do exactly their job. They fit in easily and make water from my fridge taste better than tap water. My fridge water dispenser is the only source of my water. The water dispenser is easy to install and you can have clean, fresh water within minutes. This item is a great buy.
  • By Hilton

    2021-10-06 20:13:00
    Two Stars
    Did not fit my Whrilpool refrigerator.
  • By Edward

    2021-09-26 20:13:00
    Water Looks And Smells Clean! Quick Free Delivery!
    This is exactly the model filter I needed to fit my fridge. Once I realized that my fridge came with an extra piece to cover the filter's outermost edge, the installation was simple. This filter has been flawless.
  • By Hans

    2021-09-12 20:13:00
    It's not worth the money
    Difficult to install, slow shipping, and slow reply
  • By Gussie

    2021-08-26 20:13:00
    Works better than the old filters
    This filter is fine. It was four gallons. I followed the instructions. It's quite a bit, but I will do it. Water tastes great with no odor. Can be suitable for my kenmore frig T1RFKB1 as well.
  • By Evita

    2021-08-19 20:13:00
    Slowly reply
    I wanted to confirm my order status because it has been a long time since I purchased it. But their staff replied to me after 2 days.
  • By Patti

    2021-08-08 20:13:00
    short life, but then Medicine taste.
    Initial water tasted great. But after 2 months, it started to taste like medicine. There are only 2 people in the house so I decided to dump the filter. Now after 3 months, it tastes like medicine. The water (tap water), tastes fine. I also removed the filter. My concern is that if anything burst inside, the chemicals could be getting into our drinking water.
  • By Seth

    2021-08-02 20:13:00
    Fit kitchenaid ed5kvexv007 very well.
    This is a much more affordable alternative to our fridge's regular water filter. It tastes great and was easy to install. I would recommend it! It was exactly what I needed and it arrived quickly. Fit my kitchenaid ed5kvexv007 well.
  • By Clark

    2021-07-25 22:30:00
    Very timely delivery, replace filter3 perfectly.
    I do love this product as I am definitely drinking lots more water. The water drinks greatly. And it can competitable with my filter 3 greatly.
  • By Levi

    2021-07-23 10:45:00
    waster was cleaner than before
    They arrived in excellent condition, well packed and sealed. They fit perfectly into my fridge. They taste great and the water flows quickly. It's impossible to be happier. They also are competible with my maytag frig MSD2242VEB
  • By Anita

    2021-07-12 20:03:00
    Everything went well
    Everything went well, I really like to Order at puredrop. I drink More and it taste really , really Good.
  • By Teresa

    2021-07-06 21:00:00
    Fit just fine in my Kenmore fridge 46-9030
    Fit just fine in my Kenmore fridge 46-9030. The water teast good.