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  • By Maria

    2021-10-30 01:15:00
    Four Stars
    Great deal. 3 for the cost of one! no difference in taste that we can tell. tastes great
  • By Lance

    2021-10-16 11:32:00
    Good Product Value
    Follow the instructions provided with your refrigerator to make installation easy. The quality of the water entering the filter will determine the taste of the water. The water does not taste like chlorine.
  • By Geoffrey

    2021-10-10 01:15:00
    I cant change my shipping address
    I cant change my shipping address
  • By Mac

    2021-09-20 11:32:00
    Quality water filter replacement
    It works as described. It removes any taste or minerals and provides filtered water from the refrigerator. You may need to change the filter less often depending on how frequently you use the filtered water/ice. The manufacturer recommends a six-month interval, but this can be adjusted.
  • By Felice

    2021-09-12 20:13:00
    does the job
    Not bad, work good in my refrigerator. I need two a year
  • By Ezra

    2021-08-26 20:13:00
    Without any issues
    I want sure if I was ordering the right water filter for my refrigerator so was hesitant to but.. This filter was perfect. Easy to install and good value. I thought I'll purchase again.
  • By Hulda

    2021-08-19 20:13:00
    3 stars
    They have excellent products and it is a pleasure to shop online. They always provide high-quality products at very reasonable prices. I received the wrong water filter. I tried to reach their customer service, but they didn't respond.
  • By Johanna M

    2021-08-06 11:32:00
    Inconsistent quality
    This is the third star, but it's great. The second and third did not work. The second one was returned for the third, which I also found inoperable. I am considering water delivery services to ensure I have access to decent water.
  • By Lauren

    2021-08-01 11:32:00
    great deal on replacing the filters 4609030000
    This filter is a great deal! Three filters for the price of one manufacturer's filter! You get great water, with filters and installations that match the manufacturer's specifications. It's an easy decision.
  • By Mervyn

    2021-07-25 23:46:00
    Fit 4896710 perfectly
    I reached out by email because my package got damaged along transit and I got a reply back timely. Their customer service is very nice and friendly and was able to help me with my order timely. They were professional and easy to talk to. It's hard to find good help in customer service most days, so I'm very grateful to the purerdrop team for assisting me.
  • By Abbey

    2021-07-25 01:15:00
    A good value and easy to install
    These were purchased to replace our current whirlpool filter. If you ask me, it's a great deal. It works and it fits! Water tastes like water
  • By Chase

    2021-07-10 01:05:00
    Well packaged water filter
    Very good service: a reminder for the order confirmation, speedy arrival of the correct filter which was easy to insert. Altogether easy and painfree operation. Perfectly fit edr3rxd1. Oh yes and a good price! Definitely purchase it again.
  • By Giles

    2021-07-06 21:00:00
    Definitly worth the price.
    Works exactly like the original filter and will not leak water. If your frig is kemore 46-9020, it won't let you down.