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  • By Lucia

    2021-11-05 01:15:00
    Perfect, good purchase on purerdrop
    This product is of high quality. It is much more costly to replace the whole refrigerator. Before you use the refrigerator, make sure to read and flush the filter.
  • By Isabella

    2021-10-18 01:15:00
    Cheap price for 3 pacs
    Three filter for a reasonable price you cant go wrong. Fast shipping and nice service.my type for frig is W10744238
  • By Sally

    2021-09-26 01:15:00
    Slow shipping
    It took me five days to receive it after I bought it.
  • By Bea

    2021-09-15 01:15:00
    Suitable for kenmore P6RFWB2
    These filters should be changed every six months to ensure the best tasting water. It is easy to swap out the filter and replace it. Before installing, make sure you read the instructions. This product is suitable for kenmore P6RFWB2 very well.
  • By Gage

    2021-08-26 01:15:00
    Disappointing shipping.
    It was disappointing to receive the product at such a fast pace. I waited so long for my water filter, but no update information.
  • By Violet

    2021-08-18 01:15:00
    I haven't received the items I ordered
    Many days have passed, I was still waiting for my product, there has been no latest info.
  • By Serena

    2021-08-09 01:15:00
    Not worth the expense.
    hard to find model number. Nothing to say tehn
  • By Hans

    2021-08-03 01:15:00
    Exactly what we ordered!
    These were long overdue and I wanted to make sure I bought the correct model and product. This description and matching up the product with my refrigerator model was easy. I received the product and followed the instructions. It was installed in less than a minute. It was great! competible with my refrigerator IX7DDEXDSM00 whirlpool.
  • By Darren

    2021-07-25 01:15:00
    Will continue to buy them here
    I've ordered these now for the 3rd time. I love that they come so fast and are so easy to install. It's also so convenient that they come in a 3pk, make sure that I always have one on hand. Great quality for the price and the filters do a great job. Fit my whirlpool fridge KFFS20EYBL01 perfectly. Glad I found them when I needed them.
  • By Charlotte

    2021-07-23 01:15:00
    The filter fit Whirlpool edr2rxd1 perfectly
    The products are amazing. I was initially disappointed that I did not receive my entire order. However, after I contacted them, I received a second one. It was perfectly replace my previous filter.
  • By Clay

    2021-07-20 21:30:00
    Customer Service and delivery is great!
    Good to have this filter on hand. Easy to install in my Whirlpool refrigerator. Because I wasn't sure whether this filter fit my frig or not, so I ask their customer service for help and they are very nice to solve my issue and help me to get the correct filter model. And now, I can drink tasty water everyday and I always use filter 2.
  • By Louis

    2021-07-16 21:00:00
    Buy It !!!!!!!
    Fit my whirlpool fridge perfect, water tastes great, no issues. Highly Recommend to anyone looking for a great deal on replacement filters of this size !!!!!!