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  • What Causes the Water Leaking?

    October 12 2021

    Water filters have been shown to remove more than 70 contaminants including mercury and lead. (By the way, Purerdrop water filters can remove more than 95% of contaminants in water.) However, they will leak in certain circumstances.

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  • What Is the Difference between the Boiled Water and Filtered Water?

    October 06 2021

    A boil-water alert was issued for approximately two weeks in Austin, Texas in 2018 after the city was flooded. The water flooded the municipal water system, carrying sediment and silt with it. Due to the broken water system, the water was not being filtered as fast as it was coming in, .....

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  • Why is the Water Flow Slow for Water Filters?

    October 01 2021

    Water-borne illnesses claim the lives of approximately 4 to 32 million Americans in the United States every year. Every day, water-borne diseases such as fluoride, chlorine, and cryptosporidium would be introduced to the tap without a filter.

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  • Why do we need to purify water before drinking?

    September 29 2021

    Do you want a high-quality water filter for your home? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place to get rid of harmful contaminants, 

    bacteria, and other elements that could cause serious health problems for you and your family.

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  • How to Find the Proper Replacement Water Filters for Refrigerator?

    September 25 2021

    10 Tips to Find a Proper Water Filters for the Refrigerator.

    If you are looking for water filters replacement, have a look now.

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  • How to troubleshoot the ice machine

    September 22 2021

    The ice making function of the refrigerator is very important. If the ice maker cannot make ice, it will greatly affect the working efficiency of the refrigerator. Here are some common ice machine problems and some troubleshooting techniques for ice machines.

    Common ice machine problems are: water line failure or setting, water inlet valve problem, filter clogging and thermostat setting too low.

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  • Replacement of water filter and refrigerator usage rate

    September 13 2021

    As we all know, the pur 4396841 needs to be replaced every 6 months. This is when we often use them. So, if we don’t use them often, do we need to replace them regularly?

    If you have a holiday home where people live only a few months of .....

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  • What is the effect of purerdrop water filter

    September 06 2021

    Refrigerators with built-in water filters are modern mainstream refrigerators. In any case, refrigerators are indispensable in life. Therefore, for the health of the refrigerator environment, we all need a refrigerator with water filters.

    Most .....

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