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  • How to effectively clean the refrigerator water filter

    August 30 2021

    The most important thing that affects the water quality of the refrigerator is the status of the refrigerator water filter. First of all, you have to know whether the refrigerator water filter is working properly.

    We all know that the refrigerator water filter needs to be replaced regularly. The service life of the filter is generally 6 month.....

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  • Why does a refrigerator need a filter system

    August 23 2021

    Studies have shown that our municipal spa flora can only remove certain pollutants from the water.

    Therefore, if you want water to be filtered more thoroughly, you must have a complete water filtration system that can remove pollutants in tap water, including lead, mercury, rust, and trace drugs.

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  • Common filters for household use

    August 16 2021

    Commonly used household appliances, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, refrigerators, if the filters are clogged or dirty, the appliances are prone to malfunction. Therefore, in order to keep multiple appliances in their best condition, you must clean or replace the filter.


    The dishwasher is eq.....

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  • Is there a quality guarantee for compatible filters

    August 09 2021

    Refrigerator filters need to be replaced regularly, so whether to choose after-market filters or compatible filters has become a question that many customers need to consider.

    Many people may think that compatible filters are some low-priced, unnamed filters whose quality may not be guaranteed, but the pri.....

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  • Precautions for buying refrigerator filters

    August 02 2021

    How to find a suitable water filter for your refrigerator is very important to many people. At this time, we need to understand what aspects should be paid attention to when buying a refrigerator filter.

    1. What kind of pollutants need to be removed

    Different filters are designed to stop dif.....

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  • Is the refrigerator water filter really useful

    July 26 2021

    The importance of clean drinking water is of course well known. In the Western world, however, it has become something we tend to take for granted. Since unclean water causes relatively few diseases or infections, people tend to think that our water is 100% safe.

    Even with modern sanitation and water purification methods, you may be surprised how many potential poll.....

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  • The basic way to keep the refrigerator clean

    July 19 2021

    Not all refrigerators have an air filter, but it is easy to know whether the refrigerator is equipped with an air filter. The filter is usually located in a flat or spherical shutter housing. If the filter is flat, you may see the shell wire rotating.

    The most likely to be equipped with air filters are the o.....

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  • Is the refrigerator water filter heating normal

    July 12 2021

    Is it normal for the refrigerator water filter to heat up? Many friends have encountered this situation in their refrigerators and want to know if this situation is normal. So today I will answer this question for you.

    The answer is that it is not normal. This phenomenon may be due to insufficient he.....

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