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  • Quickly find the location of the water filter in the refrigerator

    January 17 2023

    Your refrigerator water filter is something a lot of people don't think about. Your fridge probably doesn't even offer water, just ice, but the filter does need to be replaced occasionally. Modern refrigerators have a helpful light that alerts you when it's time for the current filter, and we've all noticed little black specks in ice and water. However, there's one final challenge in replacing your refrigerator's water filter: finding the filter's location.

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  • 6 Things You Should Never Throw Down the Drain

    January 12 2023

    When you're trying to quickly dispose of an unwanted item, such as some leftover paint or expired medication, your first instinct may be to flush it down the sink. After all, sewers are like magical portals that flush all of our filth into some watery underworld, never to be seen again. Or so we like to think.

    However, you'd be surprised how much of what we put down our drains ends up in rivers, streams, groundwater, and ultimately our drinking wate.....

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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerator Water Filters

    January 05 2023

    1. How do I find out the model number of my refrigerator water filter?
    First, remove the water filter from the refrigerator and check the model number printed on it. Then you can search for the model on our website purerdrop.com and buy it!

    2. What are the symptoms of a broken refrigerator water filter?
    If your refrigerator water filter light comes on, if your water and ice tastes off, or if your filtered water is cloudy, you may need a ne.....

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  • The dangers of dehydration in cold winter

    December 27 2022

    If you often feel light-headed, tired, or irritable during the cold winter months, you may think it's a mild form of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). However, the real culprit may be something as simple as not drinking enough water.

    While we don't typically associate cold weather with dehydration, the risk increases during the colder months, according to a University of New Hampshire study. Since we don't feel thirsty when the cold hits, we may fo.....

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  • How Filtered Water Might Help Get A healthy Body

    December 22 2022

    Water is important alive, and enough hydration is critical to your healthy body of a human. Without correct hydration, our health and wellbeing can become compromised, and our systems can quit performing appropriately. We count on water not simply for hydration, also for cooking food, bathing, and washing, along with a variety of other reasons.

    Whatever we don’t .....

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  • Heavy metals in water and risk of bioaccumulation

    December 16 2022

    How heavy metals get into drinking water
    Millions of Americans are exposed to heavy metals through drinking water every day. The numbers: Arsenic detected in water utilities serving 108 million Americans. During the same period, cadmium and inorganic mercury were found in water utilities serving 7 million and 6.3 million people, respectively. There have been many other discoveries (too many to list here), but this leaves us with a key question: How did these el.....

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  • Dangers of drinking tap water during pregnancy

    December 13 2022

    Getting a positive pregnancy test can be a bittersweet moment for many expectant mothers. Finding out you have a kid on board, you start worrying about the three glasses of wine you had the night before, the two caffeinated drinks you drank at work yesterday, and the chamomile tea you drank this morning. But what about the water you drink at home?

    It might sound scary, but the water running from your faucet could be exposing you and your unborn baby.....

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  • How to Respond to California's Drinking Water Crisis

    December 09 2022

    Isn't that ironic? California is the largest food producer in the United States, but many residents do not have access to water from their own taps for drinking or cooking. The state's water supply is becoming increasingly polluted as multiple crises intensify -- from wildfires and worsening droughts to arsenic and nitrate contamination in groundwater.

    Health Effects of Water Pollution in California
    Ingesting large amounts of arsen.....

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