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  • Quickly find the location of the water filter in the refrigerator

    January 17 2023

    Your refrigerator water filter is something a lot of people don't think about. Your fridge probably doesn't even offer water, just ice, but the filter does need to be replaced occasionally. Modern refrigerators have a helpful light that alerts you when it's time for the current filter, and we've all noticed little black specks in ice and water. However, there's one final challenge in replacing your refrigerator's water filter: finding the filter's location.

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  • The dangers of dehydration in cold winter

    December 27 2022

    If you often feel light-headed, tired, or irritable during the cold winter months, you may think it's a mild form of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). However, the real culprit may be something as simple as not drinking enough water.

    While we don't typically associate cold weather with dehydration, the risk increases during the colder months, according to a University of New Hampshire study. Since we don't feel thirsty when the cold hits, we may fo.....

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  • How to Respond to California's Drinking Water Crisis

    December 09 2022

    Isn't that ironic? California is the largest food producer in the United States, but many residents do not have access to water from their own taps for drinking or cooking. The state's water supply is becoming increasingly polluted as multiple crises intensify -- from wildfires and worsening droughts to arsenic and nitrate contamination in groundwater.

    Health Effects of Water Pollution in California
    Ingesting large amounts of arsen.....

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  • Symptoms of dehydration and how to deal with it

    November 29 2022

    Picture this: It's around 2pm and you start to feel sluggish, unproductive and tired. There are still hours before you wrap up your day and unwind, so you have to get over your midday slump as soon as possible. While your first instinct may be to grab another cup of coffee or latte, your body may just need water.

    Dehydration can be very sneaky. It can stealthily drain your energy, dampen your emotions, and even be life-threatening in severe cases. H.....

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  • What are the main components of a refrigerator filter?

    November 25 2022

    The moment you come home from a busy day, you pull open the refrigerator door and grab yourself a glass of cold water to quench your thirst. When all the components of a refrigerator filter are functioning in a proper manner, you will have a clean and pure water source. But have you ever wondered what it's like to make a refrigerator water filter?

    Define Refrigerator Filters

    Before we dive into this topic, it's important to understa.....

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  • What Contaminants Do Refrigerator Filters Remove?

    November 22 2022

    What Contaminants Do Refrigerator Filters Remove?

    Is a refrigerator filter enough? The answer depends on what's in the water!
    Stop us if you've had this thought before.

    You are in the kitchen and want to drink some water. So, you pour yourself a glass from the water dispenser in your fridge. As you take a sip, a thought strikes: How do I know this water is clean?

    To be sure, it's a disturbing thought. But it's .....

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  • The necessity of refrigerator water filter for good health

    November 08 2022

    The importance of clean drinking water is certainly recognized. In the Western world, however, this has become something we tend to take for granted. Since unclean water causes relatively few illnesses or infections, people tend to think that our water is 100% safe.

    Even with modern sanitation and water purification methods, you might be surprised how much potential contaminants can get through. When you consider that tap water often contains chlori.....

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  • How to choose a water filter for your refrigerator

    November 04 2022

    In general, refrigerators have a lifespan of between 8 and 10 years, although it's not uncommon for devices from all manufacturers to last longer than that, depending on how they're used and other factors. So if you have an older refrigerator, it may become more difficult to add a refrigerator water filter. Here are four ideas to keep in mind when choosing a best refrigerator filter process:

    Is your refrigerator compatible?
    As mentioned above, .....

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