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  • A Helpful Guide for Refrigerator Maintenance

    October 22 2021

    Two types of bacteria can be caused by a poorly maintained smart refrigerator: Pathogenic, and Spoilage. These bacterias can multiply by 200% in just 20 minutes, according to the FDA. What can cause a refrigerator's performance to drop?

    This happens when the smart refrigerator is not cleaned at least once per month and filters aren't changed frequently. You can ex.....

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  • What Is the Purpose of A Refrigerator Air Filter?

    October 21 2021

    After a relaxing vacation, you go back home and find your refrigerator smelling expired food. This smell can last for a while and quickly ruins your vacation glow.

    Excessive food, mold, or other strange smells in your refrigerator will make you unappetizing. But, for this situation, there is a solution to avoid odors and even bacterial growth in the refrigerator. It is that using the refrigera.....

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  • How to Softened Hard Water?

    October 19 2021

    You're probably wondering "what's hard water?" or "what's soft water?" Water's mineral content affects its classification on a scale that ranges from very hard to very soft. If you are having problems with your water quality, it is likely that you want to know which filter to use.

    That will depend on what kind of water you have. Understanding the di.....

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  • How Do Activated Carbon Filters Work?

    October 17 2021

    Activated carbon can be used in many areas of human life. Activated carbon has been used in many applications, including medicine, agriculture, and cosmetics. In the water purification industry, activated carbon is a critical component.

    Activated carbon water filters can be used to remove organic compounds from water.....

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  • Advantages & Disadvantages for Drinking Bottled Water

    October 16 2021

    There are many places that require bottled water for essential life necessities. A bottle of water can be used to keep hydrated when you are working, exercising, or going to the gym.

    It can seem that bottled water is superior to sugary beverages, and there are many benefits. If we take into consideration the packaging and disposal of this product, it is possible that buying a bottle of water might not be the .....

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  • What Causes the Water Leaking?

    October 12 2021

    Water filters have been shown to remove more than 70 contaminants including mercury and lead. (By the way, Purerdrop water filters can remove more than 95% of contaminants in water.) However, they will leak in certain circumstances.

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  • What Is the Difference between the Boiled Water and Filtered Water?

    October 06 2021

    A boil-water alert was issued for approximately two weeks in Austin, Texas in 2018 after the city was flooded. The water flooded the municipal water system, carrying sediment and silt with it. Due to the broken water system, the water was not being filtered as fast as it was coming in, .....

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  • Why is the Water Flow Slow for Water Filters?

    October 01 2021

    Water-borne illnesses claim the lives of approximately 4 to 32 million Americans in the United States every year. Every day, water-borne diseases such as fluoride, chlorine, and cryptosporidium would be introduced to the tap without a filter.

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