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  • Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink water

    February 28 2022

    The moment the insufficient water is experienced by your body, it handles giving us signals. If these indicators are overlooked, some signs and symptoms occur in the initially hours of dehydration, and headache is one.

    A persons brain is about 74% water. It along with the kidneys, is and so the pr.....

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    November 26 2021

    Flushing your refrigerator water filter is important and in order to remove carbon dust and other particulates.
    You were taught by your parents to flush the toilet. Who taught you how to flush the refrigerator water filter after it was installed.

    What does Flushing mean?

    To flush your filter, run water through it.....

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  • How to remove Chloramine from Water?

    November 24 2021

    What is Chloramine?

    Chloramine and chlorine are the main disinfectants used to treat tap water in America. Chloramine, which is similar to chlorine, is used in the water supply to improve water quality and eliminate harmful components. By breaking down the cell walls of bacteria, viruses, and protozoans, chloramine can be used .....

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  • Common Substances In Tap Water

    November 22 2021

    These are just a few of the chemicals or contaminants that could cause problems:

    Pathogens (Bacteria, Viruses).

    Raw tap water from small mountain springs will likely contain bacteria like coliform. This is normal and unlikely to cause you any illness if it happens in small quantities.

    It is important that public .....

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  • How Climate Change Affect The Water Quality

    November 18 2021

    Even though 2021 has already been half a year, most people still find it unbelievable. It seems like the end of the world is actually happening. It looked as if the earth was unleashing its worst mode, from the eruptions of volcanoes in the Philippines to the influenza B outbreak in the United States and the blizzards that hit Canada. Concurrently, other situations such as rare storms in Brazil and fire disasters across Australia were also occur.....

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  • When To Change Your Refrigerator Water Filter?

    November 09 2021

    It is not always easy to replace the refrigerator filter. It should be replaced every six months if you use 200 to 300 gallons of drinking water. We don't keep track of how much water we consume when we drink it. How do you know when it's time to get replaced?

    These are five indicators that your refrigerator water filter is in need of being removed.

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  • How water pollution affects us?

    November 02 2021

    W. H. Auden, a British poet, once said, "Thousands have died without love, but one without water." But, despite knowing that water is essential for our lives, we still throw it away. Around 80 percent of the wastewater in the world is dumped into the environment, damaging rivers; lakes and oceans.

    Water pollution is a major problem that threatens our health. Every year, unsafe water causes more deaths.....

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  • What will cause if you don't change the refrigerator water filter?

    October 28 2021

    The refrigerator water filter, although we don't think much about it, is one of the most important kitchen tools. It purifies tap water to remove any harmful chemicals. Are there any dangers to not changing the refrigerator water filter on a regular basis? The answer is yes! Although it is unlikely that your refrigerator water filter will be life-threatening, you should still remember to change it every now and again.

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