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  • The dangers of dehydration in cold winter

    December 27 2022

    If you often feel light-headed, tired, or irritable during the cold winter months, you may think it's a mild form of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). However, the real culprit may be something as simple as not drinking enough water.

    While we don't typically associate cold weather with dehydration, the risk increases during the colder months, according to a University of New Hampshire study. Since we don't feel thirsty when the cold hits, we may fo.....

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  • How Filtered Water Might Help Get A healthy Body

    December 22 2022

    Water is important alive, and enough hydration is critical to your healthy body of a human. Without correct hydration, our health and wellbeing can become compromised, and our systems can quit performing appropriately. We count on water not simply for hydration, also for cooking food, bathing, and washing, along with a variety of other reasons.

    Whatever we don’t .....

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  • How to Respond to California's Drinking Water Crisis

    December 09 2022

    Isn't that ironic? California is the largest food producer in the United States, but many residents do not have access to water from their own taps for drinking or cooking. The state's water supply is becoming increasingly polluted as multiple crises intensify -- from wildfires and worsening droughts to arsenic and nitrate contamination in groundwater.

    Health Effects of Water Pollution in California
    Ingesting large amounts of arsen.....

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  • When can baby start drinking water? Best Drinking Water Solutions

    December 06 2022

    If you're raising a newborn or are anxiously awaiting your "source of joy" to arrive, deciding how to feed them may be your first priority. As you probably know, breastfeeding, formula feeding, or a combination of both gives your baby all the nutrients and hydration they need for the first few months. But you may not be sure when it's safe to start giving your baby water, how much they can drink, how to offer it, and what kind of water they should be drink.....

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  • What are the main components of a refrigerator filter?

    November 25 2022

    The moment you come home from a busy day, you pull open the refrigerator door and grab yourself a glass of cold water to quench your thirst. When all the components of a refrigerator filter are functioning in a proper manner, you will have a clean and pure water source. But have you ever wondered what it's like to make a refrigerator water filter?

    Define Refrigerator Filters

    Before we dive into this topic, it's important to understa.....

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  • How does tap water affect hair and skin?

    November 18 2022

    Water is essential for good internal health, but can be detrimental to our pursuit of a flawless exterior. Even with the best grooming and hair care products, certain unwanted elements in your tap water can prevent you from doing your best.

    Most municipalities add chlorine to drinking water to kill bacteria and other harmful contaminants before the water reaches our homes. But there's a warning: Chlorine can wreak havoc on your hair an.....

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  • Lifting the Veil on the Refrigerator Water Filter

    November 15 2022

    In the United States, approximately 4 to 32 million Americans fall victim to waterborne diseases each year. Contaminants like lead, chlorine, cryptosporidium, and fluoride find their way into your faucets every day without filters in place.

    When it comes to filters in refrigerators, most come with built-in filters. But how do these filters work, what do they filter out, and can we count on them to get the job done?

    How they work

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  • Refrigerator Water Filter and Refrigerator Air Filter Replacement Guide

    November 11 2022

    Modern refrigerators have two types of filters - air filters and water filters. Food and dust particles, mineral buildup, and bacteria can affect the performance of either filter. Performing regular maintenance and replacing refrigerator filters will keep the unit in top working order.

    Where is the refrigerator water filter?

    Most refrigerator water filters are either located in the rear upper right corner of the refrigerator interio.....

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