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  • Reasons You Should Consider Using a Home Water Filter

    July 27 2022

    If you are aware of the dangers of drinking tap water, you must have considered purchasing a water filtration system for your home. But don't get confused about the type of filtration system you should have in your home? To help you navigate this dilemma and make your decision easier, read this article.

    1. Clean water filtered by drinking and cooking water filter 2
    Sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, and chloramines are just some of the most comm.....

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  • When is the right time for athletes to drink water during training

    July 21 2022

    Staying hydrated is always essential, especially when physical activity is involved. But when do you do it: before, during or after training? Before answering this question, you must first understand the real importance of the hydration process.

    Importance of drinking water

    About 60% of the body composition is made up of water. In our muscles, this ratio rises to 75%. Present in all chemical reactions that take place in our organism.....

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  • Buying a Refrigerator Water Filter: Making the Right Choice

    June 29 2022

    Technological advancements over the decades have made it easier to enjoy life at home. Admittedly, one of those clever inventions was the refrigerator. While it started out as a simple machine designed to keep your food fresh and cold for a long time, it has evolved a lot. Today, you can also see it equipped with see-through doors, multiple doors for easy storage, personalized drawer temperature control, and a premium Read More

  • How much water should you drink at different ages

    June 22 2022

    Encouraging consumption and hydrating children with quality water is critical

    How much water should we drink to stay healthy? You may have heard the advice that adults need about 2 liters per day. This is the Ministry of Health's guidance for healthy adults. Some doctors and nutrition experts also believe that an ideal intake for adults is 35 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. This means that a person weighing 70kg should drink 2,450ml of water.

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  • Minimize the number of times you drink bottled water

    June 14 2022

    Ever wonder if the bottled water you get from the supermarket is bad for you, or should you prefer water filtered through a refrigerator filter? Why don't you indulge in drinking cool water from your refrigerator water filter? While a dollar worth of bottled water may seem like a cheaper option, those dollars can add up quickly and you could end up spending more than $500 a year. In addition, you are contributing to increasing environmental pollution by throwing awa.....

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  • How Filtered Water Can Help Improve Your Skin

    June 08 2022

    The first step in treating any skin irritation—itching, acne, and rash—is to identify the cause and eliminate the source. A common source of skin irritation is unfiltered water. Unfiltered water from municipal water supplies can contain many different chemicals and minerals that can dry and irritate the skin. While your water provider may treat the water before it leaves the treatment plant, it can still collect impurities as it travels down miles of pipes to yo.....

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  • How to Care for Your Refrigerator Water Filter

    May 30 2022

    Tips on how to care for your refrigerator water filter
    Filtered water is often overlooked as an unnecessary luxury. However, filtered water offers many benefits, including improving the taste of the water you drink and making it cleaner and healthier for human consumption. Fortunately, most Whirlpool refrigerators with water dispensers or automatic ice makers use filters to keep the water and ice they provide clean and safe to drink. However, this benefit co.....

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  • How a water filter can help improve your health

    May 20 2022

    Water is essential to life, and adequate hydration is essential for a healthy human body. Without proper hydration, our health can suffer and our bodies can stop functioning properly. We rely on water not just for hydration, but for cooking, bathing, and cleaning, among a myriad of other reasons.

    What we don't often think about is how the quality of the water we consume is directly and indirectly related to our health. If you use water straight from.....

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