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Drinking Filtered Water: Healthier and More Affordable

Sep 23 2022
Water is an important input for living things. Drinking water, in particular, is a human right established by the United Nations in 2010.

Considering only intake and our need for hydration, one question many people ask is: What is the best water to drink?

Well, this is a very complex question and the exact answer depends on many variables.

For example, excessive consumption of mineral water rich in mineral salts, even if it is a perfectly drinkable water, can even lead to kidney problems in extreme cases.

On the other hand, ingesting "pure water", which is commonly used in laboratories and certain industrial processes, is not recommended, despite the suggestive name.

This is because pure water has only two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen (H2O) and contains no electrolytes, which are essential minerals for the human body. In other words, drinking plain water provides no health benefits because it is a sterile fluid as far as our body's mineral needs are concerned.

Public water supplies, popular tap water, although properly treated in large municipal water treatment plants (WTPs), can contain organic and inorganic residues that accumulate in underground pipes that are later shipped to households.

Therefore, in order to guarantee people's health and nutritional needs, water needs to have a balanced and adequate composition of mineral salts, in addition to being drinkable and safe from a hygienic point of view.

The main requirement is drinking water

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The main requirement is drinking water

Today, we have a range of water options to quench our thirst and thus satisfy our need for hydration.

But no matter what type of water you drink, it has to be drinkable. This well-known, basic and mandatory hygiene rule is known to prevent diseases and diseases caused by water contaminated with bacteria, viruses and other substances harmful to health.

According to the definition of the United Nations, drinking water is water that is completely free of pathogens and high levels of toxic substances, which we can drink and also use for activities such as washing and cooking food, cooking and personal hygiene.

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However, mineral water is only available in the form of natural spring water, hot springs or products when it is bottled and sold.

Given these conditions, and our daily reliance on drinking water, residential filters, and other continuous water treatment systems, this has proven to be a more favorable option and has a better "cost-benefit" ratio for consumers.

This is the case with a whirlpool refrigerator water filter edr3rxd1, a high-efficiency filtration unit for domestic, commercial and industrial use that ensures a 24-hour daily supply of treated water at the different outlets of the property.
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