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How Filtered Water Can Help Improve Your Skin

Jun 08 2022
The first step in treating any skin irritation—itching, acne, and rash—is to identify the cause and eliminate the source. A common source of skin irritation is unfiltered water. Unfiltered water from municipal water supplies can contain many different chemicals and minerals that can dry and irritate the skin. While your water provider may treat the water before it leaves the treatment plant, it can still collect impurities as it travels down miles of pipes to your home.

In addition to impurities absorbed along the way, water from treatment plants can also contain chemicals that can kill harmful microorganisms in the water while it's stored in tanks or as it passes through pipes. These disinfectants, the most common of which is chlorine, can cause skin irritation in some people. Before we take a closer look at how home water filters can help improve dry and irritated skin, we first need to understand the difference between hard and soft water:

High mineral water

The downside of hard water is that the minerals it contains can clump on the surface, leaving hard water stains that are difficult to remove. This mineral clumping can also occur inside pipes, causing limescale build-up that can damage pipes over time. This tendency to build up limescale is why many American homes choose to install a home water softener to soften their water.

Soft water (less calcium carbonate)
As the name suggests, "soft water" is the opposite of hard water - hard water that has very little or no calcium and magnesium. The purest water is soft; however, soft water as we know it may not be exactly pure water. This is because there are two main methods of producing soft water from hard water. The first method involves simply replacing the magnesium and calcium ions in the water with another ion, such as sodium or potassium. This is the most common method and is used by commercial water softeners. The second method involves physically filtering out magnesium and calcium. This is usually done using reverse osmosis filters, which can outperform activated carbon, carbon block or ceramic filters in raw water purification performance. This level of performance enables it to produce very pure water that removes 92% to 98% of calcium and magnesium.

Improve dry and irritated skin with household water filter 4396710 water filter
Bathing or showering in hard water can cause dry and irritated skin. There are several reasons for this, but they all boil down to high levels of calcium and magnesium in the water. Home water filtration systems that remove or replace these ions can reduce or eliminate many skin problems caused by high calcium and magnesium levels. Here are four ways a home water filter can help improve dry and irritated skin:

1. Increase skin moisture
Just like on pipes or tiles, hard water minerals can bind to the skin. They stay on your skin after you shower or bathe, and stay there until you lose the positive charge that binds them to the negatively charged atoms on your skin.

One way they lose their positive charge is by interacting with natural substances released by the skin. These include natural oils that keep the skin moisturized. When they interact with these oils, they alter their chemical composition, reducing their ability to hydrate the skin.

After installing a home water filter that reduces or eliminates calcium and magnesium ions in your water, you should notice that your skin feels more hydrated after bathing and throughout the day.

2. Prevent skin irritation
In addition to binding to the skin, the calcium and magnesium ions in hard water are also attracted to the various components of the soap. This creates what is commonly known as soap scum. When people think of soap scum, they usually think of soap scum from tiles and bathroom fixtures. However, soap scum that leaves a hard-to-remove stain in your bathroom can stick to your skin. The presence of soap scum on the skin exposes it to prolonged exposure to soap chemicals, which may cause skin irritation.

3. Slow down the aging process
The calcium and magnesium ions that bind to the skin don't just alter the chemistry of natural moisturizing oils. When they bind to the skin, they also lose their positive charge by interacting with the atoms and molecules that make up skin cells. When they do, they can steal negatively charged electrons from your skin cells. This balances their positive charge, causing them to shed, but they also leave your skin cells with fewer electrons than they started with.

4. Minimize acne breakouts
Hard water can cause more frequent acne breakouts for two reasons: First, it makes your skin dry and prone to damage. When your skin is dry, your body compensates by increasing oil production. Increased oil production increases the chances that your pores may become clogged. Clogged pores then develop into acne, which causes more acne to form faster than normal when oil production increases.

The home water filter system edr1rxd1b controls the calcium and magnesium levels in the water, allowing you to enjoy hydrated and healthy skin with every bath. As you continue to use the system, your skin should also become healthier over time as the collagen in your skin will recover and you will have fewer acne breakouts. If you don't already have a water filter system in your home, consider getting one at purerdrop now.
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