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How to Find the Proper Replacement Water Filters for Refrigerator?

Sep 25 2021

10 Tips to Find a Proper Water Filters for the Refrigerator.

If you are looking for water filters replacement, have a look now.

water filters replacement for refrigerator

You get up early to greet the new day, but you feel thirsty! You walk towards your refrigerator and drink the nice, cold water to quench your thirst. Instead of refreshing and crisp, you get funky, sour-tasting water.

But, Good news!! There is a good way, replacing the water filter in your refrigerator to get back to great-tasting, fresh water. Now, these are the nine steps to replace your refrigerator water filter. 

1. Find the location for the filter

There is a unique water filter location for each refrigerator. You can refer to the refrigerator to the user manual if you don't know where it is. If the manual was missed, you could check it here.  

Once you have located the refrigerator water filter, it is possible to determine how best to remove it. For some models, you may need to remove or open the cover first. There is a button or release mechanism with some models. It is

recommended that you refer to your appliance manual or user guide for the best method of removing all types refrigerator water filters.

2. Find the right replacement

Refrigerator water filters do not come in a single market. Your appliance's make and model will determine the model number and the type of replacement filter. If you are not sure which filter to get, you can try to find it on our page.   

However, What is the best place to buy replacement refrigerator water filters? An aftermarket model is an option for you if the cost of replacing your brand-name water filter is too high. These aftermarket refrigerator filters are much cheaper

than their name-brand counterparts. After you have found the right filter options, double-check model numbers to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

What is the best water filter for home use?

3. Plan for Future Refrigerator Water Filters

Buying in three packs will save you both time and hassle. But, for next time, remember the place you put the extra two!

Besides, it is a good idea to find the replacement successfully before you remove the old one. Also, leakage in your fridge could result from leaving a space between your water filter and the water line.

4. Remove the Old Filter

The method for removing them varies from one brand to the next, much like the model of replacement filters. You should not dispose of an old filter until the replacement one fits perfectly. You might have to put it back if it doesn't fit properly. 

There are three types of refrigerator water filters. You can take a look at which one is right for you. 

There are inline filters for older refrigerators, and they are connected to the waterline. It is not easy to replace an inline refrigerator water filter. How to replace the water filter on the refrigerator? You will need to shut off the water supply and take a few steps.

For twist-in filters, you will find them in the back of your fridge. These can be released by turning the filter to the left. It may take some wiggling to release them. 

And about the push-in filters, they can be found on the grill or inside your fridge. They usually come with a release button and a cap, which should be removed prior to installation. 

Call a professional if you are unable to remove the original water filter from your refrigerator. Don't be rude to your refrigerator or will damage it.


5. Install the new filter

Now you are ready to put the shiny new refrigerator water filter into its place! You know what filter model you have, and you know how it works, so it's easy to install new filters! 

To install the new filter, simply reverse the steps you took to remove it. Before you start, make sure to read the instructions. There may be special instructions or a cap on some filter types.


6. Try the New Filter

It's worth a try! Place a towel or dry cloth on the shelf below if possible. After flushing out the water filter, and using the water several times, you can check the cloth. If the cloth is wet, it could indicate a leak. You will need to tighten up or reinstall your water filter. 

But don't drink it yet!


7. Flush the filter

Your new, clean system should be run at least one gallon water! This removes any impurities and ensures proper filtration. 

Do not be alarmed if water "pops" or "spits" occasionally while it comes out. This is normal water moving out from the water line.


8. Dispose of the Old Filter

The most convenient way is throwing it in the trash. The carbon and sand in the filter are not harmful to the environment. There are a few ways to recycle an old filter. 

It is easiest to recycle your filter by breaking it open. Separate the insides and the plastic. Some people claim that the inside of your filter will help to reduce landfill garbage.


9. Enjoy Your Crisp, Fresh Water

If you have followed the instructions carefully, it is time to drink your water! Put a glass under your spigot and press the button to let the water flow into the glass. Take a sip and then say "ahhh!"


10. Make sure your fridge is always in good working order

Your refrigerator is probably the most important appliance you have. It is also likely to be the most costly. To keep your refrigerator working as well as it can, be sure to check out future refrigerator water filters. You may need to replace your water

filter more often if your water is very hard, or if you drink a lot of it. They are usually replaced each 6 months. 

In order to get the healthy water continuously, remember to replace your whole house water filters. There is a good idea also to put the date of installation on your refrigerator or the filter itself. We will even send you an email reminder to change your filter as well if you buy your fridge filter through us. This eliminates the guesswork of when to change filters.

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