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How to Respond to California's Drinking Water Crisis

Dec 09 2022
Isn't that ironic? California is the largest food producer in the United States, but many residents do not have access to water from their own taps for drinking or cooking. The state's water supply is becoming increasingly polluted as multiple crises intensify -- from wildfires and worsening droughts to arsenic and nitrate contamination in groundwater.

Health Effects of Water Pollution in California

Ingesting large amounts of arsenic over a short period of time may cause arsenic poisoning, or arsenic poisoning. According to Healthline, immediate symptoms of arsenic poisoning can include abnormal heart rhyths, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes, muscle cramps, and (in extreme cases) death usually follow.

High nitrate levels in drinking water have been linked to colon, kidney, ovarian and bladder cancers. The chemical is responsible for nearly 12,600 cases of cancer each year, EWG researchers said. Of course, the risk varies by region, but many small farming communities have the highest levels of nitrates in their water and therefore the highest risk.

Health Effects of Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water
Hexavalent chromium is a carcinogenic chemical that, even in small amounts, can lead to stomach cancer and other health complications such as pneumonia and childbirth problems. Prolonged skin exposure to hexavalent chromium can also cause skin problems, including dermatitis, skin ulcers and burns. People with sensitive skin may develop a severe rash.

Health Effects of Bacteria in Drinking Water
When raw sewage reaches drinking water sources, the health risks can be substantial. No one wants to swim, boat or fish in water contaminated with sewage, let alone ingest it. Drinking water contaminated by sewage can cause you to get various diseases and even die. In fact, a hundred years ago, the prevalence of these sewage-related diseases limited the life expectancy of American citizens to around 50 years. Estimates of how many people get sick or die each year from sewage vary, but are all significant.

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If your drinking water is not as clean and healthy as you would like it to be, or it is completely polluted and unsafe to drink, we recommend investing in a edr1rxd1 water filter for your home.

Water filters are designed to remove unwanted particles and contaminants from the water you drink, shower and cook, making it safer, healthier, and eliminating tastes and odors. California is going through a drinking water crisis. Years of low rainfall, groundwater contamination, wildfires and other factors have drastically reduced the amount of clean drinking water available and consumed by the public in a way no one should experience. The situation has gotten so bad that many residents are unable to drink or cook with water from their own taps. On top of that, some families in poorer neighborhoods can't even afford bottled water, nor can it be found in local supermarkets. Thankfully, investing in a water filtration system can help convert contaminated water into clean water almost instantly, eliminating the need for bottled water.
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