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Is bottled water purer than tap water?

Oct 11 2022
Models and celebrities who rely only on bottled water to keep fit, just...is this all true? Honestly, no. There is no scientific evidence that bottled water is indeed better than tap water in our country!

However, we continue to buy it so much that Italy ranks third in the world in terms of mineral and trace water consumption.

Mineral water is naturally pure and microbially balanced spring water. Once a year, the water, which is almost privatised for marketing, is analysed by bottling companies and self-certified for its quality. The existence of self-certification, and therefore no regular inspection itself, may raise some doubts. But continuing down the path of these waters, the doubts didn't end there.

Once analyzed, the water is packaged in glass bottles, but more commonly plastic bottles by private companies, shipped hundreds or thousands of kilometers around the world, and sold at exorbitant prices. Disregarding the enormous environmental (and inevitable economic) impact of bottle and bottle production and disposal.

How do we choose which water to drink when it hits store and supermarket shelves? The microchemical properties of bottled water vary. Sometimes they have fixed residues (link: water conductivity and fixed residues, what are they?) very low, below 50 mg/l, or they have very little sodium or very little minerals (these are famous of low-mineral water, incorrectly considered suitable for very young children). In effect, these differences become powerful marketing levers, often without any foundation. It can be argued that an excess or deficiency of mineral salts is not safe at all, on the contrary, it is usually not beneficial at all. It certainly won't help you lose weight.

Using tap water, we are safe and economical

Tap water is much cheaper and absolutely safe. The national water network is 85% sourced from clean and protected water sources; they are controlled several times a year (at least 4 times) by the local health authority and the company that manages the aqueducts and are considered compliant 99% of the time. There is virtually zero pollution in Italy that is a real danger to health, as is typical in developing countries, either due to the presence of lead in very old buildings with non-compliant hydraulic systems, or directly from private water sources and wells of water.

However, we remain vigilant. The taste isn't always neutral, sometimes it's unclear, or we don't know what the plumbing to the sink really is. Even limescale deposits have become a daily nuisance and can damage our appliances.

Whether it's safety or taste, there's an economical, safe, and ecological way to drink absolutely clean, good water by installing a water softener or w10413645a filter in your home or office.

After careful analysis of your tap water, Purerdrop 9083 water filter give you peace of mind when choosing the best edr2rxd1 water filter whirlpool for your specific needs. If there is a fairly hard residue of water and limescale in filters and faucets, you should protect your equipment from contamination. In the event of filtration or the presence of bacteria, contaminants or chlorine, seek advice on which purifier to install so that you can drink quality clean water in complete safety.

Run a water quality analysis from time to time and then decide with confidence how to drink clean and safe water.
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