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Keep your water filter hygienic in your daily life

Jul 13 2022
An easy way to take care of your health is to make sure the water you drink is pure and of good quality. To that end, nothing beats properly maintaining your water filter. This includes maintaining up-to-date sanitation to remove impurities and possible bacteria from the water. So, we've broken down some basic tips for keeping your water filter sanitized, which can transform water quality and ensure excellence, first and foremost your health.

Not only that, we would also like to share some tips on the external hygiene of the water filter that will help maintain the appearance of the product, prolong its lifespan and keep you safe from covid-19, especially if multiple people are using the same The product.

One of the main items to keep your water filter hygienic is to change the filter regularly. By making changes at the right time and following your product manual, you'll always have fresh, clean water. To know the correct time to replace your water filter filter, you can see how much water is coming out and how long it has been since the last change.

In general, replacement recommendations also take into account the number of months and liters per filter element, so you can significantly increase or decrease filter life depending on how your filter is being used. With less consistent use, filters tend to last longer and vice versa. We've separated some more tips for maintaining filters here.

After all, it is worth mentioning that our water filters are easy to maintain and install, and in most cases consumers can replace the filters themselves. Our water filters also have a removable tray for easy product cleaning.

Proper disinfection of a water filter also includes cleaning of its exterior. In addition to following the specifications in the product manual, it is also important to know the type of compound used to clean the surface. Using a damp cloth, you can apply 70º alcohol on metal surfaces and mild soap on other surfaces. Avoid abrasive products and materials such as solvents, steel brushes or acids of any kind. Be aware that such compounds or materials may damage your water filter and affect the appearance of the product.

The cycle on which you must externally clean the water filter is once a week. However, in a pandemic situation, cleaning the water filter is often more appropriate. If the product is used by many people, it is recommended to clean it more than twice a day, especially the parts with more tactile contact. In addition, cleaning can be done every time a dangerous situation is discovered. Our priority is to ensure your health and hydration safety, with fresh, drinkable water available at all times.

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