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Quickly find the location of the water filter in the refrigerator

Jan 17 2023
Your refrigerator water filter is something a lot of people don't think about. Your fridge probably doesn't even offer water, just ice, but the filter does need to be replaced occasionally. Modern refrigerators have a helpful light that alerts you when it's time for the current filter, and we've all noticed little black specks in ice and water. However, there's one final challenge in replacing your refrigerator's water filter: finding the filter's location.

Refrigerators tend to tuck the water filter within reach but out of the way. In most cases, the refrigerator's water filter is located in the upper right corner of the refrigerator compartment, near the rear. No matter where it might be on your refrigerator model. If it's not there, it's probably behind the floor grille, usually on the left. Unfortunately, every refrigerator model is different, and each door style of refrigerator has a different set of standard positions. This article breaks down each refrigerator style and the best place to find a water filter.

Appearance of the water filter
Water filters are almost universally long cylinders with a rounded base and a smaller cap on top. Your refrigerator will use a specific make and model of water filter, with off-brand options available. You can look up the model number online, or simply find your old water filter and buy an identical replacement.

When looking for a water filter location, look for the housing and the cylindrical slot. In a freezer, it's a rectangular or corner-based enclosure. Behind the grille is a circular space with an old water filter stuck in it.

Water Filter Locations by Refrigerator Type
Look for a water filter based on the shape of your refrigerator. The location and size of the refrigerator compartment will determine the location of the water filter. See your refrigerator shape from the list and we'll point you to the best place to find a whirlpool refrigerator water filter w10295370a. Here are all the locations in the collection list:

Top right
top right corner of refrigerator
Top left
upper left corner of refrigerator
Lower left grille
Behind the skirting grill under the refrigerator, on the left hand side
Bottom center
In the bottom center of the refrigerator between the drawers

Bottom freezer refrigerator
Filter Position: Upper Right, Upper Left or Lower Left Grille

Bottom freezer refrigerators are a common variation on the standard model. The freezer opens like a drawer with basket rack for safer frozen stacks. It has two doors.

Open the upper freezer and check the upper right corner. If there's a plastic compartment in there, open it and find the water filter inside. Replace this filter with an exact match or acceptable equivalent.

Next, check the grill under the freezer. It should come loose easily. Behind the grille are the refrigerator components, including a circular slot for the water filter. Replace the water filter you find.

French three door refrigerator water filter location
Filter Position: Bottom Center, Top Right, or Top Left

A three-door French door refrigerator has a bottom freezer compartment and an upper freezer that opens from two central doors. They are sometimes wider than two-door refrigerators. Open both doors of the refrigerator compartment and look down the center, near the bottom of the compartment. Between the produce drawers, you'll see a round handle, that's the old water filter. Twist and pull out the old water filter and replace it with a duplicate.

If you don't have a central water filter, look in the upper right corner of the refrigerator. You may see houses around the corner or nearby that are slightly larger than the water filter. Find a way to use the tabs or clips to open the case and replace the water filter inside.

The filter may be located in the upper left corner of the refrigerator compartment. Check the housing and if you find the water filter on the left side, replace the water filter.

Side by Side French Door Refrigerator
Filter Position: Upper Right or Lower Left Grille

Side-by-side refrigerators are all upright. They usually have the freezer on the left vertical half and the freezer on the right vertical half. Typically, these compartments are close or the same size.

This type of refrigerator follows two standard locations to build the water filter. Start by looking for the housing that will hold the water filter cylinder in the upper right corner. If you find the housing, find the release and replace the water filter inside.

If it's not in the freezer, the filter is probably in your lower grill. Remove the kick plate grille to find the circular compartment where the water filter is located. Push and twist to loosen the filter and make sure the new filter snaps into place.

Undercounter refrigerator
Filter Location: Lower Left Grille

Finally, there's the low-counter refrigerator. These don't have enough fridge space for the internal water filter, so it's almost always under the grill near the floor. Pry the grill open and look for a water filter-shaped space in the assembly below. Replace with a matching water filter and close the grill behind you. Once you've located your water filter, you'll need to replace it with an identical or very similar one. Then press the button of the water filter light to reset it to the next water filter alarm. Contact Purerdrop today for more solutions on refrigerator kenmore 9081 filter.
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