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Schools must pay attention to students' drinking water

Apr 20 2022
Schools are environments in which humans learn and train. Because students spend long hours inside each day, steps need to be taken to make this time enjoyable and healthy. The water they drink is the point of greatest concern in this regard.

Trust me: There are countless educational institutions outlawed for not providing proper drinking water. To avoid new cases, we've listed below 4 precautions schools must take to eliminate this problem.

Avoid tap water
If educational institutions have taps to supply water to students, that's a big problem. This is because this water comes directly from the distribution network or tank.

However, before reaching the school, the water travels a long distance through the pipes and dirt can accumulate. Also, water tanks such as water tanks can accumulate dirt over time. It is recommended to sanitize the box every six months. But many don't follow this schedule, which can lead to problems with the water quality reaching the tap.

Another caveat is that sanitation companies add chlorine to their treatment plants. This is done to remove impurities, but this chlorine can be harmful if ingested in large amounts.

This explains why most school closures are because students drink tap water without proper treatment.

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Due to a lack of planning or a famous "budget", many schools may say they don't have a water filter or purifier. What they don't consider is that without the right treatment, the cost can increase by a factor of 4. A World Health Organization (WHO) survey provides specific figures that every dollar spent on water and sewage treatment can save $4.3 in health costs.

In short, this states that purchasing a water purifier for an educational institution should not be considered an expense. Well, it's not just an investment in the health and quality of life of the children, but also in all the faculty and staff who work there.

Food water
It is not just the water that students drink that must be disposed of. The water used in the kitchen also needs to be reliable. This is very serious because using contaminated water for example while cooking lunch has a greater chance of contamination than the tap or the water dispenser itself.

However, even using tap water provided by a utility company is not ideal for consumption, as we explained in the first topic.

Promotional activity
In addition to providing quality water, the school's mission is to make students critical in this regard. To do this, she must address the importance of drinkable, pure, and drinkable fluids in her teaching and educational activities.

Through this education, in addition to getting accustomed to using the water purifier, the children themselves began to monitor their consumption. As a result, this information is passed on to parents, friends and family and increases water security for people's health.

Now that you understand some precautions schools must take with the water provided to students, click here to learn about our range of water purifiers and dispensers. They are perfect for schools and other places where the crowds come.

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