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Water saving tips you need to know

Apr 06 2022
In the near future, water may become a scarce resource in nature. Have you ever wondered how hard life would be without water? It is with this in mind that we have prepared this article with tips for saving water and avoiding pollution.

First, our Earth is called Planet Water or the Blue Planet. This nickname is because 75% of the Earth's surface is covered by water. However, only 3% of the world's water is fresh.

Most impressively, the percentage of liquid fresh water is only 1%. therefore. The rest exists in solid form in the glacier. In addition, 97% make up the oceans that cover the Earth's surface.

Brazil is the country with the largest amount of fresh water in the world, accounting for 12% of the planet's total. Furthermore, water is an essential natural resource for the survival and development of life as it meets the basic needs of ecosystems, agribusiness and biodiversity.

Water saving tips:

• Replace hoses with buckets. If you need to wash your sidewalk, it's best to use a container. This way, you'll have more control over the amount of water you're going to use in this activity. Connecting the hose for 30 minutes wastes 560 liters of water.
• Reuse the washing machine water to clean the yard. Also, turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth. Likewise, avoid opening the shower valve while soaping.
• A quick shower, 5 minutes is more than enough. Also, don't pour cooking oil into the sink. To do this, store it in a container and give it to organizations that reuse the material.
• Do not throw garbage on rivers and slopes. This creates water pollution and does not dump debris directly into waterways. In addition, lack of basic sanitation not only pollutes water and soil, but also leads to a range of diseases.

The importance of water to the human body:

First, water is essential for the proper functioning of the body as it performs multiple functions.

Cells need water to perform their functions. So too little water makes the cells work less. Water also acts as a solvent, transporting different substances into cells, such as minerals, nutrients and vitamins.

It is responsible for detoxification by bringing toxic substances to the kidneys and eliminating them through urine (95% water). Also, water regulates our body temperature because it replenishes perspiration.

It is estimated that 60% of the human body weight is made up of water. In addition, we should consume a sufficient amount for our body every day. Calculates the ideal amount of water per day for you.

Since our inception, our duty has been to provide quality purified and chilled water to all our customers and society. Our job is not just to sell water dispensers, but to provide people with a high quality of life.

So when we sell products that are directly related to water usage, we realize our role as a company in water conservation. That's why we've developed accessories and water dispensers that not only guarantee water quality, but also avoid wasting water.

pp faucet (polypropylene) non-toxic injection for water dispenser (special for industrial production line), it can choose to use the pressure jet valve to jet the water upwards, so that no waste will be generated. More durable, 5 times more water flow, easy maintenance and better cost-effectiveness for your pocket. Save water and money in your pocket.

Another option to save even more water is the traditional chrome-plated brass faucet, which only works when the user turns it to open and release the water, produced with sturdy materials that prevent drips and leaks during the day.

The edr2rxd1 water filter whirlpool provides two lines that activate the water without manual contact, just through the sensor.

Sensors that control water output according to the method of the hand can reduce consumption by 35% to 80% compared to traditional sensors. And it is mostly used in places with high traffic such as companies, hospitals, gyms, etc.

The São Paulo Housing Coalition (Secovi-SP) estimates the economy to grow between 25% and 75%. The payoff for water savings is immediate.

Refrigerator 4396710 water filter have the best options, whether for your home or business. Additionally, we have all the necessary product certifications to ensure product safety and quality. Visit purerdrop and view our products.

When using water, we must always remember that it is essential to all of us and that in many places, water scarcity has become a reality. We must always be vigilant and save as much as possible to avoid waste and keep the next generation alive.
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